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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

4th June 2008

Sunny Again….at last

After the previous weeks washout 25 Moos turned up for the Vices second ride of the year. It turned out to be an excellent ride through local Bedwas trails and apart from numerous punctures and mechanicals it was thoroughly enjoyed by all the Moos. We arrived late back at the TA this week, 9.45ish, but as we were all dry, warm and clean most Moos hung around for the monthly awards that were postponed from last week.

The Prizes this month went to:

Reg – for his general attitude and an excellent, and unpredicted, good showing at the downhill event.

Knotty – Who is shaping up for next years captains role by throwing rocks at his fellow Moos and causing injury – a well deserved prize this month.

Daf's flying rock injury

They were joined in the Guinness drinking by Johnsy the birthday boy. The Guinness was drunk in good time and quite a few Moos stayed on drinking until closing time.

Racing Moos

This weekend was saw 6 hardy Moos take the plunge and go racing. We entered two teams in the Bristol Bike Festival 12 hour race. A 4 man single speed team (Gaz, Ade, Owgie, myself) and a 2 man team in the pairs (Dai Eye and Chrissie). The weekend turned out to be a great success with glorious weather, a great course and a good atmosphere, exactly what we were after. The teams had support from fellow Moos, thanks Pealy and Johnsy and various family members. We all had a great time and although we sustained a few mechanicals and punctures finished 5th in the singlespeed and 15th in the pairs. Well-done lads.


See this link for photos and race results…. www.bike-fest.com.
We were teams 221 and 288. Also check the BBC web site link from this page and look at photo 2…. we’re famous in Bristol!!

We will probably do this again next year and it would be good to get more teams entered. For all those who do not like racing ask Pealy and Johnsy what it was like.

There are also some photos on the web site just click here

Last bit…. Money

Money for Fridays summer trip overnight accommodation…. I need this by the end of the week so we can secure the rooms. For anyone staying over Friday it will be £21.95.

That’s it for now.


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