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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

27th March 2008


The Miggly Moos social club were treated to a fine ride this week courtesy of our very own continental lover boy Berni. The start of the ride could have been a bit smoother with Berni breaking his bike on the way down to the Legion and resorting to the club bike, which seems to be getting some good use this year.

The 18 riders were lead up Turners and then we descended down the Sirhowey side of the hill via the technical single track to joint 2 mile climb approx half way up. We then climbed to the top and descended down the tricky trail famous for one of Berni’s big crashes. We all got to the bottom of here with out too much trouble and then started to head back to the top of Machen mountain via the Ridgeway. Berni made the most of the descent down into Machen using the open section, Carpet, Front trail and the pallet which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone arrived back at the TA suitably knackered due to hot pace set at the front of the group and our lack of riding over the last few rides.

Great ride Berni. Next weeks ride is by Jim just before his shoulder op on Thursday, should be a good one.

The current standings on the 100%ers are there are 4 man standing:

* Chrissie
* Slug
* Pellet
* Russell

I have deducted myself ? ride for a late show! Who is going to win the boot?

A few activity details now follow and will be part of ‘Crap’ speech:

1. Summer Trip to Bristol

I have been looking at accommodation in Bristol and one of the best for location, price and bike security is the YHA, see link below:


The hostel is adjacent to the docks, and Mud Dock Cycle Works http://www.mud-dock.co.uk/, it’s about 300m from the centre of town and 2 miles from the trails. It would be £20.95 per person per night B&B and there are plenty of rooms for 4. I will do a bit about this in the ‘crap’ speech but the earlier we book the better.

2. Downhill champs – 7th May

We currently have 23 entries, and 4 officials including Jim on video. The Regulations are out so get practicing. Click here for regs.

3. Bristol Bike Festival – 7th June

Entries already starting to fill so we better be quick. £30 per person. See this link for details.


I’ll need to get entries in by end of month to guarantee places. Scrippsy is our mechanic for the race!!

Late injury news flash – Dafydd injured shoulder due to crash on Sundays ride could be out for months

That’s all for now.


Captain Beaker

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