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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

6th February 2008

This was a ride to remember…. Option actually turning up for his own ride, the first time in 4 rides I believe!

Well, he didn’t disappoint and it turned out to be a good ride and true to form Option used a combination of old faithful trails in a sequence never done before very much to everyone’s enjoyment. If he carries on like this the 'Rider of The Month' prize is his and that hasn’t happened in a long time.

The route went something like this…. Lewis Street and into the woods through the kissing gate. Ascend through forest and exit at the top of the Velvet path route, traverse mountain and descend Risca side on rocky trail, much to the delight of the whooping Chrissie. Then, unusually, for so early on in a ride we went up the concrete path and RIGHT at the top to descend the rocky trail and then back along fire road past tips to trig point. At this point a 15-minute discussion by the film buffs started on various ‘best of’ films, can’t remember what turned out to be the best but it seemed to be an extension of a similar conversation had on the Bus down to the Mega according to Chrissie.

The descent took us down Old Faithful and the Zig Zags down the chute followed by right hand route, missing the quarry, to the kissing gate. At this point we all imagined it was back to the TA but we were taken for a quick pint down the Forge Hammer via the roads which turned into a skidding contest on every corner….BRILLIANT.

Back at the TA we meet up with the retired Scrippsy who admitted that he would have been out on the ride on such a ‘lovely day’ but he didn’t have a bike as it was down Ashfields for repair. Also present was the recovering Knotty. Mrs Knotty turned up to taxi Knotty back home and got a full-blown Crock attack with comments like;

‘Get a beer in you love, it’s the only thing you will get in you tonight’

Charming! Twat of the month on the way to you again I think Crock.

On a serious point the atmosphere in the Pub was apparently spoilt, according to Option (who belongs to 2 wine clubs for some reason), due to some ‘selfish c**ts playing crap noisy music’. You know who you are so please stop it or you’ll upset Option and he won’t invite you around his house next month for wine tasting evening. See Option next wed for the date!!

One last thing I must mention is thanks to all those Moos who turned up on Sunday morning to help out with trail maintenance, especially Knotty who was still doing his bit one handed and Johnsy’s son who did a great job clearing sticks and needles with his Dad. (I bet your house is clean Mrs Johnsy?)

Finally there are still ten 100%ers (last man standing wins a prize – probably drink related) and it’s newish boy Reg’s ride next week.



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