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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

9th January 2008

Mud Glorious Mud….

It’s my second ride report and I’m struggling for words to describe last nights ride, well I’m not going to say anything I’ll leave that to the fellow moos…..

"That’s the last ride I do on a Wednesday this winter" - Ade, well know sun worshipper

‘This is the muddiest ride I have ever done’ - OBE

"My gear need a slight tweek….they don’t seem to shift smoothly’" - Chrissie, well known mechanic.

"Stupid f*cking tw*t of a vice captain" - possibly Gaz although couldn’t be certain due to the amount of mud.

Keep up the quality routes Owgie can’t wait ‘til your brothers next ride!

Well regardless of the dark and previous days rain 24 enthusiastic Moos (must be a record for the winter?) met at the Legion in good spirits and on clean bikes…. I think there is a bit of  post Chrismas/New Year fitness spurt from a few….will it continue into Feb, I doubt it. Option did turn up late but we were all impressed by his commitment and 100% attendance, although Geoff, and Harty looked worried after last weeks, special invites only, party at Option’s.

We started with a climb up through Machen woods and a quick descent down half the quarry run. Ryan, now in his new kit, was complaining of flu-like illness which seemed to cause him stray recklessly across the trail forcing innocent moos into the undergrowth…. poor Steam, hope your better now! We passed the Maenllwyd knowing we would be back hoping that we weren’t heading for the Ridgeway, unfortunately we were. From here on it was pointless trying to stay out of the mire (Chrissie never does anyway) but I think everyone was starting to enjoy the slipping and sliding especially the descent down to the Chimney (not skin) in the woods. The climb back up to the Ridgeway was hard but maybe not so hard, anymore, for the couple in the car parked halfway up the hill, don’t think they expected that amount of attention.

Back at the Maenllwyd we downed a couple of pints and then raced back to the TA down the infamous ‘Crash of the Year’ firetrack.

The food served at the TA lasted about 2 mins as the now ravenous Moos devoured the lot, not leaving any scraps for the new Father of twins Ade, who went home to clean his bike!! My second presentation was about as successful as the first with the ex-Captain constantly talking (well shouting) over everything I said…. you’d think he was still the Captain. Knotty seems to be making a good job of organising the Summer trip (Cheers Knotty) and the plans are now in place for Scrippys so call retirement ride.

Next weeks ride is from the Ex-Captain so expectations are running high.

Until next week


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