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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

9th April 2008


A lovely Spring day would be rewarded by an even better evening’s ride. On arrival at the Legion at ‘6:30’ the anticipation started to grow as one-by-one the Moos began to arrive.

Where’s the Vice? He’s got a sniffle.
Where’s the Cap? He’s stuck in traffic.

So for the 2nd time in 3 weeks we were leaderless. A mutter from our Mika look-a-like ex-cap suggested it would never have happened last year and I tend to agree. Could the early enthusiasm be fizzling out? No merits for last week. Once again our E.T.D was late due to Slug and Lettuce who can’t seem to undo the double knot tying them together. They must have felt bad about this as later in the ride they would do extra climbing just to make it up to the boys.

A more than noticeable addition to the night’s hero was that of Bernard Scripps. Looking a little out of shape he’s promised not to come again or the retirement watch must be returned.

The ride began with a sharp burst up to Le Mans’ bench bearing left to ever enjoyable Garlic Lane. With the going good, to firm not much incident occurred with Peeley & Reg doing the full run without dabbing for the first time. Johnsy nearly did the whole path only to fall at the final hurdle. (Doesn’t bounce much for a fat boy). Languishing in his embarrassment and feigning injury no-one seemed to rush to his aid, probably due to laughter. This was justified when he leapt to his feet (salmon like) out of the way of oncoming traffic.

Once all down, we headed for the Quarry climb. Strangely, it was noticed that the ex-cap, after having a few weeks from Sponge Bob’s fitness regime was struggling and pushed his pushbike most of the way. A nice in and out, up and down route brought us to Mossy Path. For those who haven’t experienced this old downhill, it’s not for the faint hearted. For myself it was the 2nd time to ride it, forgetting the nastiness of the last drop, it did get the better of me finishing the rest of the drop on ones backside/head/feet and every other part of ones body. I must note this for next time. Unlike Johnsy though I did bounce up and cause very little disruption as all good riders do.

The next project would be a half-time refreshment at the Hairy Bush. Where after the break Ochrwyth would be encountered. From the time we entered and departed the hairy one, a dramatic turn of events occurred and I must say for the better. Unfortunately though the Jones brothers (still attached) refused the pint and stole a head start up to the mast. Back in the bush with the fire roaring away and a little eye candy holding the attention of certain dirty old men, it seemed a shame to lose the warming feeling. A great decision by Jock was made to head for the Maenllwyd via the woods to pre-inspect the beer garden ready for our Summer riding. Some harmless fun and chit chat plus 2 extra refreshments and the appearance of Simon Le Bon it was time to head for HQ.

With little incident, arrival at HQ dampened the spirit temporarily, not because we were in for a crap speech but for the fact no-one remembered to phone the TA, thus no food had been prepared. With a little persuasion and Crock behind the bar raiding the nuts & crisps, Sian gave in and cooked the usual delights they have to offer.

Atmosphere now back up and running, beer and food flowing, an outstanding Wednesday evening would be capped off with the usual crap speech and the foil trays being stolen by the Gypsys to be weighed in.

Two quick points:

1. Note to myself & Harty: - don’t drink in rounds with kept men (Chrissy) and budgeting soon to be married men (Berni) as your £20.00 doesn’t go that far.

2. Also anyone know the combo lock number as Scrippsy wants his front wheel back.


Geoff Davies O.B.E.

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