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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

12th March 2008

Jimmers Last Ride

Well not actually true but he was due for his shoulder operation the following day so Iím sure heíll be a spectator for a few weeks to come. I think that because Jim was booked into to hospital he felt that it didnít matter what he did as the damage was already done so the ride consisted of some of more technical features of the area including Garlic and the Drop of Death. There were some notable refusals on the Drop of Death all of which will remain nameless for the time being but you know who you are as even one of the guests attempted it.

No additional damage was sustained to Jim or the other Moos although the two guests, friends of Russell, were certainly introduced to the Miggly Moo Wednesday rides in style!

The ride included Slug downing (slowly) a yard of ale and peanuts in the Maen for his 40th and also the obligatory Guinness and Whiskey chaser which seen him leave the TA at the end of the night suitably drunk. Finally, due to various reasons there were only 14 riders out and now we are down to only 3 100%ers, they are:


Next weeks Dai Eye will take the ride and hopefully we will have a decent write-up, unlike this week, as well from the multi-talented Pealy.

Thatís it for this week



PS Ė News Flash from Gaz Ė Jimís operation went well and they added some new bits (from eBay apparently) but he should be out of sling in 6 weeks.


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