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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

13th February 2008

It has been some time since I was lucky enough to address our wonderful readers.  As always it is a great privilege and pleasure.  I do have a little to say so get comfy.  Firstly can I just say how delighted I am with the efforts of the new Captain.  His enthusiasm has breathed new life into the club and it justifies my vote for the last 2 years.  I`m sure he`ll continue in the manner that he started his reign.  

Also the new V.C  has carried on where the last one left off and thus far apart from the odd discrepancy in merit award points is doing a marvellous job(not that I would ever moan)...

My next observation has been the growing bond between ex-cap and Option.  They do tend to be spending a fair amount of time together these days:-

Monday: Swimming
Tuesday: Running
Wednesday: Mooing
Thursday: Five-A-Side Football
Friday: Welsh Lessons
Saturday: Riding, shopping and drinking
Sunday: Riding

Now normally this could be one of Option’s fitness regimes which last usually a fortnight but for our chance meeting. On a dark cold evening while out walking with my wife, we stumbled upon the ‘inseparables’ hiding behind the Legion warming each other up ready for a so-called run.  Guilt written across their faces, my suspicions began…

Since this meeting I have been noticing a closeness unlike most friendships.  The Oompa Loompa is no stranger to this kind of relationship with previous “best friends” such as Gay Dave and Freddy Mercury impersonator Ralph.  On the other hand our Zoolander Cat Walk King – Stunt (who tells everyone how incredibly good looking he is every week) may be just dabbling.  This is however just a suspicion and no hard evidence has been found.

On a lighter note, for Sponge Pants Square Bob and Young Watkins along with Steam, Marty, Beaker, Dicky and Wesley they did an amazing job for the send off of Bernard Scripps and deserve all the praise they have received.

Scrippsy I wish you well.

Unbelievably some more praise for the short-legged one must be for his amazing turn around in his attendance.  He has now rode 6 out of 8 times which already beats last year’s effort.  In fact, he did tell me he would have been among the 100%rs had it not been for his ………………………. hold on …………….. sore tail pipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Ride:-

Reg leading for the first time led 23 Moos including debut rider - Eifion (Reg and Wesley’s riding buddy) up Turners.  Once again a delayed start (even Dicky isn’t the last one to turn up these days) meant that we would not drop down to the 2 mile climb until gone 7:00.  The ride was emerging into an old school classic once again.  It is becoming apparent that since getting rid of the old guy with life passing before your eyes downhill dangers we can again relax and get back to enjoying our cross country epics.

Once repairing the first of 2 punctures for the night the obvious influx of protective body armour had been noticed. Surely the Moos are not turning into softies? A rapid ascent  to the cattle grid and over to the zig zags saw us make up good time. (I reckon the old fella would have really enjoyed this ride).  Recently the zig zags have turned into a similar race pace as our Le Mans downhill but to date with less injuries.  On this occasion Stunt arrived before Sponge Pants, the rest of the herd let them carry on.  After puncture number 2 Reg decided refreshments were in order so neglecting Fern Mountain, the easier route to Pandy Lane and the Church House was chosen.

A brace quenched the thirsts for most and a road race to HQ was the obvious choice.  Someone however suggested the dreaded wall (genius).  The old pit was navigated down to the wall where most got to the bottom without incident.  Most noticeably the Steam came a cropper, he is really off his game at the moment both up and downhill (must be his age).  A swift race across the cycle track where 4 sneaky riders were in my slip-stream (abreast) led us to the Forge “and” Hammer.  The customary Newcastle Brown was consumed before embarrassingly getting back to HQ at 9:45.  We arrived to find Slug & Lettuce already feasting on the early spring offerings.  After enduring another of the captains fine speeches it was off home to bed for me to gain an early night and not be in the wifes bad books for valentines day. (Yeah Right, cheers owg great idea for the wine tasting at ex-caps)

Fair play to Reg not many rides take in 2 pubs and it is obvious the spirit lives on.  Well done on your first ride.

As I am writing this on Saturday morning my thoughts are with my good drinking buddy Steve “Darkest Horse” Hart.  He is waiting in hospital to have his nuts cracked, who said we were getting soft???.  Best wishes mucker – rather you than me!

Absolute pleasure.  

Honoured – Geoff Davies O.B.E

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