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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

13th August 2008

Mid-Summer Report

What has happened since last report well…. we went to Fronce and had a great time, it rained. We had our Wednesday ride after Fronce and we were all depressed, oh and it rained. Then we had a great ride lead by Jock and I think it may have rained then. Then we had the Klunker Classic which everyone enjoyed in monsoon weather, more on that later. And last week it was Knotty’s ride which was more of a pub crawl ‘cos it was raining again.

So Augusts theme was riding and rain… Great. What have we got for September…. more rain or some sun with our summer trip?….. I wait in anticipation.


Back to Fronce trip. I know everyone has already said this but what a brilliant trip, everyone seemed to have a great time and we all came back in one piece with a story or two to tell. BIG thanks to Knotty (Captain 2009?) for organising everything and to all the Moos for total entertainment. My top three memories were:

The fancy dress evening especially Mr Schlong
The evening of singing even though I was shitting myself and I was crap
Riding all day and not once having to push up hill

Roll on next year


This year’s event was similar to last years it was a Classic for all the right reasons even though it rained heavily all day. This years theme was superhero’s which everybody seemed to make an effort. We had a couple of Batman and Robins, two Banana men, Berni came as Binbagman and I’m not too sure what Crock, Slug and lettuce came as but they certainly needed to be superhero’s to ride there three way steering Klunker.

We had 4 events planned then a stop at the Maenllywyd then a final 4 events on the way back to the TA. Well, we managed to complete the events out to halfway halt much to the amusement of various hardy walkers in the woods and settled in for a couple of warming pints in the Maenllwyd.

At half way the scores were tight at the top with the top three looking like this:

1st Tony Schlong
2nd Gaz
3rd Berni

As we left the pub the rain got harder so the decision was made to make event 5 a road race to the Hairy Bush and event 6, the last event, a Guinness downing race.

A cunning Joker was played by Dickie and he double his points on event 5 to come from no-where to fighting for the lead. Other notable riders on event 5 were Crock, Slug and Lettuce who lost several bits of there bike on the race down the last hill to the Bush and Reg on the kids bike whose legs were a blur on the last descent but he still managed a third.

Event 6 saw some impressive times on the Guinness downing with three people under 4 seconds including the winner Schlong on 3.15…. a club record.

We all left the Bush and most went home to change into something dry and warm then we all met back at the TA for prize giving. The final results were as follows:

10th - Crock , Slug , Pellet and Pealy
9th – Reg
8th – Dafydd
7th – Wrighty
6th – Option, Tom and Chrissie
5th – Berni
4th – Gaz
3rd – Jock
2nd – Dickie
1st – Tony Schlong

After the awards everyone seemed to get very drunk and apparently the Watkins brothers were seen having a tiff outside the TA, ripping shirts off backs and generally being pissed…. I heard Chrissie lost that one!


It’s on and we don’t care about the weather. The plan so far is:

Leave Machen at 8.30 Saturday morning (6th September) to arrive at Glyncorrwg ready to ride for 10am
Ride one of the courses then stop for lunch in Café (with a beer or two)
Afternoon ride on another route until about 4pm.
Decamp to Swansea Dragon Hotel for freshen up and a dip in the pool.
Meet in bar at 6pm ish
Out on town until 4am ish
Get up in morning and feel ill but manage to eat a breakfast in Tesco!
Go home and sleep

Anyone who wants to book for Friday will need to organise themselves…. they can either book into the Hotel or camp at Glencorrwg.

More news and discussion on this subject this Wednesday in the pub after the ride.

See you all this wed for Harty’s ride

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