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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

15th October 2008

Captains Crap Report – October 2008

As usual I have been rather slack lately producing these reports but this month I have some worthy things to write about. First thing I must say is thanks to those fellow Moos who have stepped into the fold and put pen to paper recently and produced some very entertaining garbage/reports. Nice to see ex-captains helping out, cheers Schlong and also some witty banter to our very own nutter magnet Daf.

Apparently there is a ride report from the new deputy dog Gaz but Marty recons it’s too rude to put on the main site....Moos only I’m afraid. What’s the password Mart?

After a dismal summer due to excess rain it was good to see some good weather through the early autumn keeping the ride numbers up in the high teens and producing some good riding. The run of good rides was brought to an abrupt end last week with the Crocks birthday ride. As anticipated there was a lot of drinking, not much off-road riding and even less food during the ride. Crock was rewarded for such a debacle by having his birthday drink topped up with an extra 4 shorts along with his Guinness and as usual Scrippsy managed to lose most of his bike along the way.... stupid c<>t.

As a consequence of his lack of imagination Crock has been banned from leading a ride this year so the Halloween ride, now rescheduled from Friday 31st October back to Wednesday 29th October will be taken by Jim and will involve a good ride plus a good old fashion drink. Whilst on ride leaders this week will be taken by Ade, it is his last ride until probably Christmas or the New Year as he is having his shoulder operation. Expect very technical and fast ride with a good drink at the end to celebrate. He may even go out if it rains!!!!

Another event on the horizon is Karting. I have been in touch with Supakarts in Newport and they have various Grand Prix meetings organised that we can attend. The price is £35 on a Friday starting at 6pm and £38 on a Saturday starting at 1pm. Names in the hat at the moment are myself, Russ, Budgie, Berni, Marty, Gaz, Reg, Scrippsy, Slug, Lettuce, Crock, Harty, Johns. I will be taking names this Wednesday and anyone who want to race will need to pay ASAP, and before I book. Those who pay monthly will have the money taken out of their subs if they want.
We have been asked in the past if we can provide a photo of ourselves for the TA to go on the wall. Apparently there was a good picture taken when we were away in the Alps this year.... I think it was taken by MR Schlong. Can anyone confirm they have a picture? Also has anyone got pictures from Morzine not already on the Web site and of the Moos downhill champs? I will remind you all in my crap speech this week.

Finally, if you don’t already know Option has a new addition to the family, a little girl weighing 7lb 7.5 oz born on Saturday. No name yet but he is considering Stella or Magner but is open to suggestions. Also, if you weren’t aware Stunty has finally finished his exams and has is bike back from Chatham Street Cycle repair shop so he will back on the scene causing havoc and much merriment along the way.

That’s it for now. Captain Beaker

Next Week’s report will be penned, while he can, by Ade.

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