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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

17th September 2008

Martyn the flatlander led tonights ride with eighteen Moos in tow and promptly (ten to seven) led us south. Everyone was pleased to be riding in the dry and the numbers have crept up slightly.

Several stalwarts were missing, Roger, his dad died and has been resurrected, this must be a flatlander trick! Tom was busying himself digging holes, (hopefully in the right position) and not forgetting next years capt “Knotwit” tried to cut his hand off coz he “hates his hands”, half way through he realized he would need help to cut the other one off and gave up. Daf was out sporting his new scar, “Hi Guys” look at my scar!

Onto the ride, up thro the woods onto a single track and an old favourite the “Quarry run” to the lane Past the Maen, (I did say past the Maen) and onto the Ridgeway, Mr J Johns had some urgent business and went home (Nag city I presume). The Vice was sulking also wanting to go home and faked a mechanical, hid at the top of the first downhill of the evening and phoned our favourite sulker Rob “Option” James who was at the bottom of the descent to say he was going to meet us at the Maen, NO SHOW! This descent although normally a smooth gravel track had several ditches washed thro it due to the recent rain which caused a few twitching sphincters.

Being so close to the big city meant only one thing a very steep lane to climb to head north and our homeland, some Moos found it easy enough (eh Kev) and some were lucky enough to have brought their “push” bikes along. Into the woods for an old favourite of a descent, yours truly entertained the following Moos with a over the bars extravaganza into logs and undergrowth, Russ even expressed concern at my well being, I think this was misplaced (thought I was someone else).

The Maen was on everyones mind and we promptly got there and had light refreshments and back to HQ. Wot no “Snags” tonight, but still a good feed and tomfoolery only to be interrupted by the Capts legendary crap speech.

Half tennish and Moos are starting to drift home to their loved ones oops and Owain, good job Owain didn’t cut his hand off his love life would be over!

Next weeks ride will be taken by Russ,

I said RUSS!

Antonio Schlong

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