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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

18th June 2008


Neglect means to leave uncared for or to leave undone….

….Well I have certainly neglected my duties as a Captain again, it’s that whole mid term/mid year feeling I sure all leaders have. Not too sure why but I can now see the end in sight and we still have plenty to do so there will be no more excuses. Here are a few solutions to my problems:

Vice is going to sort out tee shirts for Fronce in a similar style to last year but maybe a bit more personal.

Gaz has a contact for Hoodies so he has offered to help out there.

One weekly report per month is to be written by the current Twat of the month in order to redeem themselves.

There will also be a guest writer per month who will remain anon so he can write as much abuse as he likes…. should liven up the banter.

This should free up a little time so I can put a bit more effort into my Crap Speeches!


The Recent Rides

We have had a few great/long rides recently and everyone seems to be getting a bit fitter as the summer arrives in preparation for Fronce. Ade’s ride a couple of Wednesdays back was a good fitness check but perhaps it was not the sort of ride Jim was expecting on his new bike. Well done Jim for getting through to the end and showing the Moos that your dare devil skills had not gone with your huck off the biggest platform at Cwmcarn.

The following Sunday saw an extra long ride over Cwmcarn area again in order to find a much talked about downhill course. We did eventually find it and it was worth all the searching. We plan on including it in a Wednesday ride soon so be prepared for a three hour epic. We did get a bit lost on the way back and ended up scaling a couple of 8 foot fences and crossing a river. See attached photos.


Last Wednesday ride was taken by Gaz and despite awful rainy conditions everyone seemed to enjoy the ride. Not too sure what the customers of the Hollybush though of us though when we turned up near the end of the ride wet, muddy and smelly!

Up and Coming Events

Here is a list of notable up and coming events:

Goon ride this Wed combined with Gaz’s famous ‘Pick and Mix’ format. Watch out for Harty he was dangerous last year.

Klunker is in 6 weeks or so. Regs out soon.

Anyone interested in the Machen mountain running event let either Gaz or myself know as we would like to enter as a team. It’s on Bank holiday Monday 25th August.

Another event in August, 31st, is an enduro event at Afan. This will be in rally style i.e slow to start of timed stage then as fast as you can for that stage. The 6 or so stages will be downhill and the event will last for 4 to 6 hours. This will be ideal for Moos. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll find out more.

Finally, it’s a bit short notice but there is a charity event this weekend based around Cwmcarn area and involved a long ride (not race) up and down three local peaks. See Gaz or myself for details.

That’s it for now, see you tonight.

Captain Beaker

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