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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

20th February 2008

This was another ride to remember…. Ade crashing and dislocating his shoulder, now that doesn’t happen every day.

Well, due to work getting in the way I missed the start of the ride (do I count as a 100%er?) and therefore was playing catch-up most of the evening. I knew something had gone wrong as Ade and the other 16 riders were not at the pre arranged meeting point when I arrived. A few phone calls later got me through to someone who was making sense, ‘Stunty…..Where are you?’  I asked.

‘Me and Ade are on the way to Gwent, don’t know where the others are!’

Eventually I found the remaining Moos at the top of the front trail and found out that Ade was not the only one to have an accident on the tips:

* Peely had crashed near the top of the slop and fell to the bottom, cutting his knees in the process.
* Russ also crashed and buckled both wheels and ripped off rear mech.
* Option nearly had an accident in his shorts when Ade crashed in front of him but avoided him by coming off the brakes!
* A few others had some very sketchy moments

All this commotion distracted a little from the fact that the trails were in the best condition they had been in for months so it was decided to Razz down the front trail a few time to make up for things. Well due to navigational errors by OBE by the time we got to the Velvet there were only 5 of us left so we decided to finish off the ride down the Seesaw trail, a trail not yet done by Option. This fact was very evident as he tried to follow me onto the Seesaw only to nearly crash into the back of it as it pivoted forward, this then followed with a minor, but wet, crash into the stream crossing much to Marty’s amusement…. ’What you doing down there Option?’.

When we all finally got back to the TA (the other had gone to the Forge for a sneaky Newcastle Brown) there was a suitable amount of mangled bikes and bodies present, which were soon forgot about after a few beers. Although one memorable comment on the night came from last weeks ride reporter OBE (excellent job done by the way)

‘That Ade, he’s f*cking rubbish’ Well done OBE kick the boy when he’s down!

Hopefully next weeks ride should be a little less dramatic, it’s Crocks turn.

Don’t forget it’s awards this week and there are some close contenders again, please see Vice or myself if you have any nominations. Also a couple of birthday drinks too so we could have some good Guinness racin'.

Finally the 100%ers are down to 6 now (5 if you don’t include me) so it should get interesting soon. My money is on….. bets now being taken.



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