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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

24th September 2008

Russell's Ride

Guest writer - Daf

Hiya guys!” the report has been past on to me this week, so I will begin firstly in congratulating Gaz on the birth of his daughter, who said that cyclists become inpotent????

The ride started out with approx 16 riders who plodded up Turner’s lane, some like whippets others happy to go in their own stride. We all made our way to the Sirhowy downhill, which was dry and smooth, everyone meeting at the bottom with smiles on their faces and no fatalities. We then rode on along the sirhowy walk to climb some steel fences that should have prevented us riding on. Later we found a large landslide had taken the whole of the path and its banking away due to the recent floods.

We then took a climb up towards the mast, but there were many obstacles in front of us, firstly was the concrete climb, having conquered this a couple of Moos had other things to do and at this point left either to go on a night shift (good effort Tom riding prior to nights) or Rob anxious to get onto facebook. The others pressed on leading us gradually onto the long grass climb adjacent to Machen tips, and onto the mast. We were all eager to blast down the dry tracks, literally like semen racing to fertilise the egg. Scripps decided to head down on his own accord, although this was a bad choice as he went down the steps that are a bit eroded to say the least. Our decent down was from the mast and down “Old Faithful” which hadn’t been ridden in a while which was.

We all ended up gathering at Cwmfedw’s car park and Russ’s final call of the night was onward towards the Forge & Hammer for a pint, then to HQ (TITS&ASS) for our final beverages, Scripps continued to confess his adoration for our Katie from behind the bar. Gaz and Harty joined up with us also, both looking as though they were feeling the strains of family life, but good to see them out. Knotty met us with his deliberate self harm attempt on chopping off his hand, was it a genuine accident or a cry for help? The jury is still out. No attendances from our capt who like Gordon Brown is contemplating on handing in his resignation, Mr Watkins????? We assumed revision. Dai the eye working on the next Titanic. Dickie viewing properties out of Machen (how could he be considering becoming a flatlander). Pealys still having total bed rest ‘doing Louise’s head in’ as he has a bell to call for her attention. And to everyone else then please yourselves.

A good choice of ride and was very enduring, one of our classic favourites, well done Russ.

Good Bye GUYS

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