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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

26th March 2008

Johnsy’s Jaunt

This week’s turnout was a respectable 17 riders including 2 of Russ’ caravan buddies (Biffin and Bridge) both who have been riding in recent weeks, there was however a distinct lack of Moo authority with both the vice captain and the captain missing the ride!

As we waited to set off Crocket was more than pleased with showing off his new addition to “old faithful” – a new saddle in the colours of a cow, I believe Crockett has always had a liking for farmyard and Canadian animals such as pigs and moose!

After a delayed start we set off for the woods up Rhyd-Y-Gwern lane minus Slug who was fixing a puncture - a quick jaunt up through the main-track was followed by the sweeping trail that lead into the quarry, at this point Slug joined up with us, from there it was a quick blast down the main road into the Draethen and an unexpected early stop in the Bush – it would be rude not too? During this quick refreshment break - talk of the sleeping arrangement for the France trip were discussed and it appears Roger Farquhar Smithers Smyth Colling-Morgan is more than happy to share a room with Ant and Tom, especially seeing how helpful Tom was last year in helping with toothbrush cleaning duties.

After a swift pint it was onwards and upwards up Ochr-wyth and it was a surprise to many that instead of turning left and heading to the mast we instead turned right and headed for the woods. After a few downs and ups we eventually headed for the mast and the selected route was velvet path and the See-Saw run. The majority of riders tackled the see-saw obstacle however there were a few refusals – you know who you are!

The ride continued through the wooded area onto the railway line and drew to a close in Graig View. – The TA hospitality was now beckoning!

Ade, Daf and once again Moo Patron Alan Jones joined us for a beer at HQ – Thanks to the TA for the spread on offer, Stunt especially took a liking to the sausages, I’m sure the people at the bar appreciated the left-overs!

Chrissie and sausages - full of lips and a*seholes

As the beer began to flow Crockett began revealing his sexual fantasies these include his love of high heel shoes and emptying his load over bed pillows.

Perhaps Crockett could be included in Ant’s, Tom’s and Roger’s room too? Next week’s ride is taken by Steve Buster Gonad’s and his unfeasibly large testicles Hart!

Ring Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding


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