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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

28th May 2008

Summer is here at Last!

That was the title of my last Ride Report.... I think I was a bit premature, as usual, as this weeks ride was a wash-out, not only the weather but the number of riders, there were only 10. Not even this weeks ride leader turned up, you know who you are!

Firstly, I must apologies for my poor/slack performance as a Captain through May, you all said I wouldn’t cope and I think you are right. Well it was a temporary blip (where is he anyway Scrippsy?) and I will be back on cr@p form soon with both long and rambling ride reports and appalling speeches.

As wet as an Otters pocket

Anyway enough of the guff here is the report. I took the ride this week and after a bit of consultation with last years vice we kept the ride local and used a few under ridden trails in the woods and finally finished on the seesaw. Despite the crap weather and slippery conditions everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we ended up back at the TA knackered but relatively dry and clean.
Due to the lack of riders, this months Tw@t and rider of the month awards were cancelled until next Wednesday (4th June). This ride will be taken by this years Vice so bring your climbing legs and plenty of money for beer.

On Saturday 7th June two Miggly Moo teams are racing in the 12 hour Bristol Bike festival, Dai Eye and Chrissie are a 2 man team in the mixed doubles and Gaz, Vice, Ade and myself are making up a single speed team. Should be good fun as long as the rain stays off and if anyone would like to come over to add a bit of support then let one of us know and we can arrange a lift.

I need to book the accommodation for the Summer trip to Bristol soon so I will need to know decimates for the Friday and have your money (£21.95 – it’s gone up since March). The Saturday fee will be taken out of your subs but I need to pay in full so I will need the money ASAP.

I don’t know if there is anyone who has not paid Knotty for Fronce but if there is I will be naming and shaming this coming Wednesday.

Finally, don’t forget that August sees the second year of the Klunker Classic on the 9th so keep an eye out for your beast (max £20 spend) as there will be prizes this year for the best and worst Klunker....and we don’t count cheap mountain bikes as eligible.

That’s it for now Moos and I’ll try a bit harder this month with my ride reports.


Captain Beaker

P.S. If anyone is interested in watching the World Cup downhill live you can see it on a German website call www.massive-mag.com. I watched the race from Andorra this weekend and it was fantastic especially with Gee, Dan and Rachael Atherton winning all events.

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