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Captain Beaker - How many off-of's will be written here

23rd January 2008

Ryan The Steam or is that “Steamed” speaking.

For all you lot out who have forgotten about my ramblings of over a year ago, they are nothing compared to “Muppet Puppets Beakers” ramblings. Why use one word when a thousand will do comes to mind.

On to the ride, which involved some basic well worn local trails which led us to Rudry common, We all had to endure Rob “ Options” James wittering on about “Crockys” bike being like “Triggers brush” as though none of us had ever heard this before and he had just made this witty one liner up. (sad Tw*t).

Looks like character assassination is the order of the day.

After a bit of detour on the common we finally found a cracking downhill through the trees where several moos had already gathered, “feck you Jack were all right”, (selfish Tw*ts) - you now who you are!

Back up onto common and down the front track, an old favourite for “ Stunt C**t” to practice his Acrobatics. How many of the Moos were heard whinging “That rut is a B*stard it nearly had me off”, get out of the rut, pick a better line etc etc etc, “Marys” you know who you are! It still looked spectacular with twenty one bikes with lights riding down this descent, some looked like they were in control some did not, “Tw*ts” you know who you are.

It started to rain heavily, sod it, it's my ride lets go to the pub, no one disagreed, the Moos are just a bunch of drunks looking for their next drink, some could be called “Maudlin Moos” “ Sissy’s” you know who you are!

Couple of cheeky ones later and back to HQ via a “Le mans” style start after a “Broom race”. James Mc Anus binned it into ditch (could have been another bad one remember Roger Smithers Farquar Symthe Colling Morgans crash) on the same track, Mc Anus was OK he’s not a Cardiff, Flatlander, Brittle Bone softee. Awards night, Mc Anus had Rider of the month, he conquered his drop off crash demons and rode very well, Gordon “Scrippsy” Thornton deservedly received “Twat of the Month” another false retirement?????????

That’s about it, What a great ride, you lot forgot how good I am.
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Ta Ta

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