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The new Captian addresses the troops!

1st January 2010

Welcome to 2010

Captain and the Vice would like to thank everyone (well almost everyone) for giving us the opportunity to guide the herd over the forthcoming Year.

Special thanks must go to the outgoing regime of Knotty and Tom, who have done an excellent job over the past year in organising the various events, if we can achieve half of what they did then we are all in for another good year of Mooing.

We have taken some time to review previous leaders and the legacies they have left –

2004 – Mr Scripps, installed Moo virtues of Riding, drinking and having fun. He greeted us with the mottos – ‘Always take the rough with the smooth’ & ‘Lovely Day’. Greatest Legacy - SPITTING
2005 – White Rivaldo, Introduced us to the Rider of the Month award and started the first away days with the Clic 24. Greatest Legacy - SPINDLES
2006 – Tony Schlong, lead the way in riding and took on the responsibility of monthly subs, creating that ‘Club Mentality’. Greatest Legacy – GENERAL TOM FOOLERY
2007 – Chrissy, some younger input, leading to The Klunker and the first foreign trip to the Megavalanche. Greatest Legacy - THEIVING
2008 – Beaker, introduced the BikeFest, first Morzine trip and group maintenance days. Greatest Legacy – CRAP SPEECH
2009 – Knotty, first outsider, introduced the Sports Evenings and a jam packed year of activities. Greatest Legacy – (other than organising Tom) ORGANISING & COMMITMENT TO THE CAUSE
2010 – Pealy ?????????????????????????????

Right that’s the formalities over, the real topic on everyone’s lips is that we are no longer governed by an outsider, and yes, the clique will return. The majority have spoken, albeit via discrete voting and you have chosen two boys who not only live in Machen, but were born and bred in the Moo village, grew up together, played rugby (well one of us did), we know it’s history and from a young age walked these very same mountains that have now brought us all together. Yes gentleman the clique will be stronger than ever.

Only joking Knotty – what the Captain and Vice will bring to the table this year is fun for everyone, both on and off the trails, we are very much open to suggestions from all members on how to improve Wednesday activities and the like.

We will soon update you with our plans for the year, until then ‘Keep Mooing’

Lovely Day

Captain and Vice

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