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Captain's Corner - Unga Bunga!

3rd March 2010

For once it was good to be told I had made an error. There was Crockett & Geoff basking in the glory of victory from the previous week, when Gaz and Harty correctly pointed out that the Captain had mixed up their groups. What a plonker, never mind surely it would not make a difference?

How wrong I was, the revised results are –

First - Spindle and Kev

Second - Crockett & OBE (Ha, Ha, Ha)

Third – Beaker & Feather

Fourth – Ant & Daf

Fifth – Rog & Reg
Full results have been posted separately

The Ride

Being taken by – yes folks he did appear, Mr Chris Watkins. Did you see how upset he was that his most trusted mates had not even bothered to show up.

Mr Option, after weeks of slating him, given he never appears and saying how much you support him and try and get him riding – you have the nerve to not even make an effort for his ride. Chris you know who your mates are!

Brother Dick, well, well, well. After receiving the nod from your younger Bro, you to let him down when he had to lead the herd. Chris I think you may live to regret your decision.

Berni, you must be gutted, always by his side, driving him to away days, ordering his food, cleaning the table after him, guiding him on his ride – one could say you have been like a slave to him.

A common ascent into the forestry, took us onto the quarry run, where gentleman your vice-captain displayed such bike handling skills that even Scripsy had to stop and catch his breath. Johnsy had hit the dirt – quite hard to!

Carling Tree run, there has been a change of sponsorship recently, as it is now called the Orangaboom Tree Run.


Gents, this is a mountain bike club, we ride on mountains and ride whatever is in our way, those of you who decided to slip off the side of the boulder drop should be ashamed. It was like the charge of the light brigade in reverse, I lost count of who you all were, which is fortunate for you as Merit points would have been deducted. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Drink stop at the Hollybush, and onward and upward to the Mast. Cup of coffee at The Stable for Jesus and his disciple.

Andy Griff, it has been commented on that that is a few weeks running now where your maintenance has caused a hold up of events. Lucky for you, you stopped near the captain, who once again displayed such fantastic mechanic ability, that surely he is in the running for mechanic of the year award, so early in the year.

The Descent was on some well known runs, which have been slightly improved on.

CRAP RIDING ALERT 2 – Johnsy, what were you up to? All those late nights at work must be catching up with you.

OLD MAN RIDING ALERT – Scripsy, whilst Captain appreciates you politely advising him of your early departure from the ride, I have to advise it is from then that I feel an overwhelming feeling of concern, what happens if he doesn’t make it home on his own? What happens if he crashes? What if he gets attacked? What happen if he gets home early and catches the neighbour in?
Back at HQ

Our regular Rave Party was ‘In D’House’ – what a bloody racket, I must be getting old. Ludlow you lucky man!

A quiet night ensued, numbers dwindling early, not much beer consumed – It must be the excitement of the upcoming Riders Wives Night.

Please be there between 7.00 – 7.30. Tables open from 7.45 – 10.45. anybody wanting some tips, please see www.dealaparty.com
Gaz will be leading next weeks ride and hopefully this drier patch of weather will continue, so some of you can actually start to learn to ride properly, what say you Vice?

Keep Mooing

Cap’n Peal

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