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Captain Pealy!

3rd November 2010

Guy Fawkes Ride

The date was Wednesday 3rd November, the time was 18:45pm, there were 26 riders, and it was ROCKET time...

Q. Who is Guy Fawkes?

A. Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night, is an annual celebration held primarily in Great Britain, on or about the evening of 5 November. Festivities are centered on the use of fireworks and the lighting of bonfires. Some British Overseas Territories and parts of the Commonwealth continue to celebrate the occasion owing to their links to the United Kingdom.

Historically, the celebrations commemorate the anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 5 November 1605. The date was made a public holiday in England by the Observance of 5th November Act 1605, also known as the "Thanksgiving Act", which was repealed in 1859

Armed with this information Vice led the herd up Turners lane, big thanks goes to those boys who risked life and limb carrying the arsenal up with them. Vice had planned a route based around the mast, after reaching Turners summit a quick rethink was made – we had to get rid of the rockets, the rain was lashing down along with the wind, we had to find a suitable launch pad!

Onwards and upwards we climbed to Bedwas tips, vice waited at the top for all the window lickers –sorry less able riders, the rest continued downwards into oblivion, bad move we suddenly had a splinter group who were holding the majority of the fireworks, after managing to pick up on the splinter group’s scent we descended down the tips, suddenly we were being rained on by friendly rocket fire. Dode and Urine Mike brought up the rear and were lucky not to take a strike with many a rocket screeching past their heads – thankfully they made it down safely.

Ride route rethink 2 and it was a quick blast onto the Church House, on route Dai Bread Arms done a spot of pot holing, after seeing a lovely hole he managed to dismount his bike and headed head first in one full swoop, good job Daf was on hand to give some assistance as was Captain by means of taken some photo footage.

Once inside the Church House a quick pint was had by all and as a token of our gesture one kind Moo let a rocket off in the car park as a thank you. A bit of road work next led us onto the Maen, alas this ride wasn’t going to allow us a drink at this checkpoint instead we ventured on down the road to the Quarry.

The quarry seemed like a decent choice for letting off the rest of our rockets, one by one each one was let off and an echo could be heard which was some said was deafening – albeit not for Russ Ludlow...With it being so dark we thought all Moos were accounted for so onwards we trundled all downhill to the Hairy Bush. Once inside it was apparent that one or two Moos were missing namely Bread Arms – the hole had taken its toll, Nice Ant, not as nice as Lovely Ant and Mike arrived late as they schemed up a plan to try and fire rockets at the Moos from a great height inside the quarry – their plan was thwarted on this occasion...

Two pints were the order of the day, after being consumed quickly it was again road work all the way to HQ with the odd rocket being let off along the way. After our usual lovely spread it was time to treat the village of Machen to a pre-bonfire night firework display – next time we’ll have to apply for the firework license first!

Next week’s ride will be taken by Julian, he has a new route planned for us so – look out...

Ring Ding Ding Ding...


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