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Bag of leaves

4th August 2010

Apologies to those who thought i was going to deliver a night of jumps, very little riding, plenty of mongbows and sex in the pub, maybe next time ay!

A fair 23 moos gathered and set off late thanks to Ade and that big woolly man, oh yeh, Sam. Is it me or is he getting woollier? Good to see u Sam. Off up through the woods in two groups, split due to maintenance when Farqua's 'new' bike had a gear problem (not too late to get your money back).

All finally re-grouped at the top of the quarry run and went down top half to bring us out on the lane.Bit damp under rubber but good pace, nice off Daff, good pace vice and where the f---k did Simon go? How did hi get lost in a couple of hundred yards?

Past the maen with difficulty, up ridge way to the drop. A couple of refusals but good effort by all. Big up to Griff and Jesus who completed their virgin decent like a couple off old pros, well done, bet you both had a good tug when you got in ay?

Up and over Lisvane woods and down to the lane picking up a few scratches along the way, all part of the fun. Along the lane, down the track past Ruppera castle and up to the sun point, nice to take in the view. Final blast down to bush for a quick pint (2 in Toms case, good man).

All that was left was i nice, quiet, gentle ride back up along the river, what could be simpler? Oh no, Jesus(bolshy Barnes), Jock and one or two others, almost came to blows with the owner of the house on which the foot path crosses his drive. We wanted to go up his drive but he wanted us to stay on the path. Raised voices, foul language flying around while the group in front were giggling through a gap in the hedge up on the road. I suspect it was Crockett and Beaker playing 'rat tat I'm ginger' who kicked it all off, bad boys.

Back to HQ early as the oak was shut(still think the moos should buy it) for the usual warm welcome with plenty of food and beer drinking to be had. Good nite of saddle pinching, bike dismantling, banter and so on.

That's it - gotta roll some dough now!


Bag of leaves.

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