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Scrippsy's Scriptures - more from the doddering old fart

7th April 2010

Saddle Quick Releasing

Your XXXXXX Captain had the pleasure of taking 23 Moos out to pastures new. Rumours were rife that the 'doddery old git' was to take them up Ocherwith then back down again to be in the local watering hole by 7.30pm................

Up to St John's church we past a disconsolate Gaz walking the other way!

"Get your bike and catch us up," was the cry.

"Can't injured," came the response.

Up Velvet,... the two gingers Beaker and Crock could not take the slow pace any longer and told the old fella to get out of their way. With that your XXXXXX Captain decided to take a tumble much to the delight of Griff, Harty and Daf. On reaching the top the sadistic trio were still wetting themselves over a fellow Moos unfortunate tumble.

On top we met up with Simon who had found out the night before where the Moos were roaming and had set out earlier.

Now the herd was 24, on we went. Down Gaz's single track, with every Moo watching they saw a dazzling display of downhill riding by the XXXXXX Captain. Then up every Moos favourite climb, 'Concrete path'.

Tomfoolery!! is the word...... Some Moos are taking great delight in the new sport of, 'Saddle Quick Releasing', they have got it down to such a fine art, that you can't even feel them doing it, until your saddle takes a plummet and you can't do anything else but stop....,then to see the culprits riding into the distance chuckling....... Mr Schlong....... Mr Hart...... Mr Griff..... not only that, it seems to happen when fellow Moos are in great pain on steep ascents!

Across the common, up the Sihowy trial lead by Johnsey desperate to get a pub to see Man United, onto the Bedwas tips, where a little respite was taken whilst Simon our new wafer thin fellow rider caught us up. Then the Zigzags, Harty first to the gate, for us all to fly past with the usual greetings to Harty for doing the leads duties.

Another respite at the Bottom of Fern climb whilst waiting for Simon...........

"Can I go on to Church House!" (Johnsy)

"No wait, just remember you were like Simon when you started!" came Peely's firm reply.

On to Church House, where Schlong took great delight by telling your XXXXXX Captain that the landlady thanked him for bringing the Moos to the House, and gave him a free pint!!!!

3 Pints later with Johnsey in mourning we set out for headquarters.

Back at Headquarters, Sam having achieved 10 rides received his liquid refreshment and became an official Moo.

Julian now reaching the age of sixteen was introduced to his birthday pint of coke.

Next week he is taking part in his first downhill, the Moos wish him well.

Maybe the next time I am called upon by the Captain to take the ride I will be more lenient!.......

Next week's ride taken by Jimmy Mac .

Scrippsy, ................lovely day.

Ps, Do not leave your Bike outside headquarters unattended.......... Friday morning preparing to go out for a ride, I notice my Sanderson was 'leaking', so I took my seat pin out, on turning my Sanderson upside down, a gush of liquid flowed out!!.......... Anyone else experience this......... .whose guilty?

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