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Cap'n Pealy's Ride Reports

9th June 2010

Can I just start by saying I don’t mean to appear to be picking on a certain rider this year, but his name is cropping up quite a bit, which I add, is very much self inflicted.

Mr Option, it does deserve a mention that you have failed to provide the ride report that we were all looking forward to for last week. It was the main topic of conversation this Wednesday. I even had a visit to the house from Mr Scripps, appalled by the lack of commitment and demanding blood.

The ride leader this week was supposed to be Griff, well it actually was Griff, but I don’t think he set a very good example to our younger member’s, let me recap….

· Turned up at Legion and immediately advised Cap’n that he hadn’t planned a ride

· He delayed the start because of some light rainfall

· Set off up Turners and half way up advised Cap’n that he actually wanted to go to the Forge

· Then asked Cap’n what was the Sirhowy descent called – Errr – The Sirhowy Descent !!!!

· At the bottom failed to stop the pack from heading off, as he foolishly told them where his ride would take us

· Then set up a splinter troupe of 3 riders, soon made up to 6, who failed to catch up with the Peloton

· At the Forge he believed it was his duty to phone the T.A, so he did……..2 minutes after Cap’n had done his duty

· Back at HQ – just left the leaders thong unattended

Overall Andy I did quite enjoy the ride but the above list does mean a Merit deduction this week, I just hope it doesn’t hinder your chances of claiming the title.

Notable events during the evening –

Wrighty – after last weeks little mishap with his handle bars rotating on the headset, I am not sure he had adjusted back, as his cables were sitting on top of the headset and his gear levers were actually underneath his grips and he didn’t have a full steering circle, no wonder he rode down Sirhowy like a tart.

Jock – pulling himself and his bike out of the gorse bushes on Ludlow’s new downhill, claiming that he had smacked into the back of someone. I don’t think so!

Sugsy – spotted by Cap’ns wife riding around the village at about 5.30ish, he had actually cycled up from Newport, via The Mast. He then consumed numerous Lager’s and then advised the late night revellers that he was riding back home via Ochrwyth, to Newport. Super fit as well as super mad!

Jimmy Mac – Not sure what he actually does for his personal pleasure, but his severely red naval and right nipple did cause some eyebrow raising amongst the late night revellers. Cap’ns eyebrow actually came down from the ceiling covered in dust !!!

Bikefest – All appeared to have an excellent day, Vice will be issuing a full report on events during that day, but can I say well done to the singlespeed team for finishing 3rd.

Late Night Revellers – banter a plenty, Dickie taking the brunt of it - not a problem though as he is well padded! Those last few pints between 11.30 and 11.45 are becoming an issue. Is there any chance we can have a little extension?

Forthcoming events –

Goons visit – next week the Goons are over, Cap’n will lead the ride with the assistance of Gaz – route will show them some tracks they haven’t seen before.

Four Cross – 28 riders confirmed, look out for the email for more information. Just pray for good weather. Payment advised as likely to be £10 per rider – some have commented that this is to cheap for the full days activities so an increase may be requested given the beer / food and kids activities that are being provided.

Summer trip – venue confirmed and deposit being paid, I will be looking for full payment upfront – further details to follow – 23 attending for both nights and 5 for the Saturday, so far.

Finally, I must say that although disappointed I would like to read what Mr James had written for last weeks report and I do look forward to seeing it posted soon.

That all for now

Keep Mooin’

Cap’n Peal

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