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Ades address - Ayyye

11th August 2010

On a sunny, warm and dry summers' evening 18 Moo's climbed aboard the mountain bike express for a rollercoster ride around the area.

First up was a climb, followed by a decent (open section). Then there was another climb followed by a descent (the 57 trial) then... another climb followed by another descent (the carling trail). bottom of which our mark's bike decided it no longer liked the rear mech that he'd once loving fitted and departed leaving him with an out of shape unremovable rear hanger... and a job for schlong and his heat gun was the prognosis.

A climb followed with a descent (the horse trail) after that which led us to Llyn Hir car park and within sniffing distance of the maen. With one on board and the suggestion from the ride leader that the mast was next... the big climb and big descent... this was enough to send a couple of the moos into a splinter group mood and with the easier led ones among them being taken for their own ride, which resulted in them going most of the way up the mast, the real ride and 10 riders continued. Climbing from the maen and decending (back trail) all the way back to where we had started. So it was onto the Forge (climb) and where most of the splitter group rejoined after their diversion up the mountain. We also picked mark up who was now riding a singlespeed and from there is was the final decent (road) back to HQ.

In summary it was one of those up down, up down, up down, up down, up down, up down kind of rides.

over and out.

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