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Russ' Ramblings

12th May 2010


Herd gathered on mass at the Legion, 31 eager happy little soles. Like a late spring migration.

Onwards and upwards, Turners as usual a piece of cake for all. Simon bringing up the rear showed signs of improvement only 15 min wait!

First down side Bedwas tips, leaders panties not being obeyed as the pack split in half (not unlike Scrippys tights) some taking the chicken option to the left, and Budgie & Simon disappeared to who knows where!!! Tom lost in a deep crack for an early lie down.

Eventually herd re-grouped at bottom of Duffys Lane or to the more experienced in life (local drug enthusiasts) White Monkeys Lane. Funny how easy OBE found his way to this point but lost the plot and carried on his own merry way up the easy option to the top.

Second climb, Duffys lane not a problem but soon it started - whine , walk, whine, walk. Strange that the two old fellas, Scholong and JaJa managed the trek without too much trouble. Captain Whine (sorry Captain Pealy) being the biggest whinger of them all – half time threat made for a change of ride leader – reply came 'you want ‘em come and get ‘em!'

Machen tips, onward to Mast where all gathered eagerly waiting to find out which way is down.

At this point seemed the panties had started to take control again as the herd followed like sheep around the trig point.

Wet, slippery, east facing decent towards See Saw. Gaz starting to feel his age or possibly just trying to stamp his School Master authority by obstructing one of our younger riders. Bad show old boy.

Re-grouped at Royal Oak for couple of cheeky ones before heading back to HQ where the usual hospitality awaited.

All fell asleep waiting for O.B.E to finish B’day pint or was it a case that the weekly ride was a little harder than usual.


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