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The new Captian addresses the troops!

13th January 2010

Johnsy’s Cool Runnings

For the second week running snow had fallen all around us children singing having fun, tis the season, STOP as Nigel Moore would say - SORRY WRONG SONG!

15 riders braved the elements, we waited until 18:45 - no further riders turned up so off we rode (Vice, Captain, Spindles, Option, Gaz, Schlong, Beaker, Bernie, Stunty, Dickie, Crocket, Russ, Reg, Griff, and Simon) heading towards the forestry, I’m the first to admit it was tough cycling through the fresh powdery stuff, we all thought it was a good idea to promote Dickie to the front of the herd so that he could compact the snow and make the riding easier with his sporty frame – alas he turned down the invitation.

After stopping at the top - the first snowball fight of the night broke out, for some reason the majority of the snowballs were aimed at our foreign exchange student Baako Barnard, AKA NICK BERNI, it literally brought a tear to the eye seeing him frolicking in the snow for the first time.

Onward to the Carling Tree Run – the trail run better than expected, vice was riding behind Spindles he was looking good and the end jump was beckoning then crash bang wallop spindles came off the bike and dribbled over the jump - Gordon dribbles better than that and our resident china man Ken Hom can jump better than that too. Anyhow vice along with captain and a few more to mention refused the jump...

After another quick snowball fight we proceeded to climb up to the car park and headed down the gravel path into the direction of the hairy bush, where we enjoyed a quick pint, Vice proceeded to offer the herd a choice of direction – 1. Up the mast, 2. Stay and get drunk or 3. Ring of fire, bad move never offer choices – instead a raffle was done and Russ pulled out option 3. Ring of Fire.

Dickie had pre-arranged a sledging bonanza at Turners farm, everyone was excited however I did hear Mr Beaker discussing dykes on Bikes with Crocket – see the forthcoming issue Moo Newsletter for more details!

A quick dash to the TA along the main road – Captain had a comedy fall only a few hundred yards from the Bush, a quick pint was consumed before the STUNTMAN collected us all in his pickup truck and proceeded to take us on a jaunt up Lewis Street, Captain again had an off this time off the pickup truck – next stop Turners farm.

“Our Father, who art in Calgary, Bobsled be thy name. Thy kingdom come, gold medals won, on Earth as it is in Turn Seven. With Liberty and Justice for Jamaica and Haile Selassie. Amen.”

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time! COOL RUNNINGS!

Dickie had excelled himself, he had earlier arranged with Richard Turner the use of one of top fields , tractor inner tubes included. Everyone had a stab at speeding down the mountain, notable points included Russ crashing into the fence, Baako Barnard jumping a moving sledge and the jump builders Reg and Schlong – after a little play it was back into Dickies and Richards pickup trucks and down the mountain to HQ.

After polishing off pasty, chips and a few pints that brought the curtain down on the evenings MTB / SLEDGING night!

A big thanks to DICKIE and RICHARD TURNER for arranging the fun in the snow, could it be a third snow filled Wednesday next week – COOL RUNNINGS...

Ring Ding Ding Ding

Crazy Frog

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