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Cap'n Pealy's Ride Reports

16th June 2010

Captains Report (See below for Johnny Morgans report)

The Goons and Torqies visit

Meet the gang ’cause the boys are here —
The boys to entertain you.
With Sussers and Hardtails we set off on our way —
We’re raising the numbers, over 40 out today!
With Moos and Gooners and Two Torqies too —
A great night we had and no one felt blue!

So meet the gang ’cause the Moo’s are here —
The Moo’s to entertain you!
M-O-O-S — Moo’s to entertain you!

The Captain had advised our landlady earlier in the day that there would likely be over 30 tonight. How wrong was I, after count-back I made it 42 !!!!

34 of us Moos, 6 Goons and 2 Torqies. Wow, the greatest number ever. It was sure to be a slow, mechanical ridden ride.

Cap’n & Gaz had collaborated a plan, which given the numbers did raise an eyebrow (nearly caused an eclipse) as to whether we would fit the ride in.

Gaz set off at the front, pushing the ride along, while captain took the tail end Charlie role. Off up the main track through the forestry to the top with the plan of setting the Goons loose on the Carling Tree Run (a new one for them). Not sure how many took on the drop off, but if you did it well done and if you didn’t, there is always next year – wimps!!!

Dave Harris not happy with his attempt, went back up and did it again – well done Dave.

Ryan, good to see you back out, even better to see you on your arse!!!!

Onwards we set off through the quarry – heading up to the top of the main track, where Gaz, lead us into the woods to arrive at Ade’s rear run. At this point Harty was replacing his 2nd puncture with a dodgy tube from Cap’n (that was one Beaker fixed for me!)

A few riders went different ways at this point, while the main pack set off down Ade’s trail and headed back down to the main single track climb coming out from Brokeback territory – unfortunately we did not get to show the Goons brokeback. No problem there was better to come.

Back up the main track and a quick left onto the singletrack to Garlic, at this point the herd met some wayward riders actually pushing up Garlic. C’mon lads it is bloody hard enough going down the thing let alone trying to ride up it!!!

All gathered at the Hollybush watering hole for a well earned pint, as the ride had gone at a fair old pace considering the numbers.

Not many keen on the next stage up Ochrwyth, Wrighty was heard tutting and demanding another pint. Option was feigning sickness and could not ride any further, so he headed straight back to the T.A. (hope Mrs O isn’t reading this)

Ochrwyth ensued and that was the biggest smile I had seen on the Torqies faces all night, beakers 7min 7 secs was under threat, but it was a social night afterall.

Final push to the trig point and it was down to the scree slope via Koala Tree Run. This is where the fun was to start on the yet to be named, steep, jumpy, techy, blocked up, slow, micky taking, crashy drop off at the bottom run. Many of us failed but compliments to the Goons and the Torqies as most had a go – or did they?

Cap’n then needed assistance, so I have no idea which way down you all went, I guess it was to the garages, which all in all would have finished off an excellent ride, which as mentioned earlier with so many numbers riding it was an excellent effort to get all the downhill runs in, and back to the T.A on time for some well earned refreshments, Cheers Gaz.

At HQ, cap’n announced some birthdays and congratulated Griff on being the only rider with a 100% record for Wednesday night rides – can he make the full 6-months of the year, I believe he can.

A big thank you to the Goons and Torqies, hope you enjoyed the ride, and when we visit you guys I will make sure the Moo’s are on time, for a change.

Final note to Vice – fancy missing all that fun just because you had sore nads!!!

Keep Mooing

Cap’n Peal


Report from Johnny Morgan

A full year since we last got together, the goons made the epic journey over the top of mynydd machen for the annual get together,some of the stupid f**kers rode over. Weather was absolute nice, good to see so many moos, old faces and new out to welcome us over to their patch for what turned out to be one of the best rides the 2 friendly rivals have had together since the inaugural ride.

The riding

Straight into a forrest road climb to pick up the carlsberg track and it was the best bit of singletrack I've ever done in the world probably,
Next we climb out of the quarry to ride ade's trail,again fantastic due to the unusual good weather for the time of year(summer normally being wet and cold)but unfortunately no ade to personally guide us through this gem.

More forrestry climbing and back to the old ways of the moos trynig to kill the goons, GARLIC LANE unseasonably good weather made it scary but ride able, no falls here although there were a few walkers taking the easy option(darknell).

A quick pint in a pub (don't know the name)then up for the finale, special mention to john morgan the only rider to climb all of machen with out dabbing then into the final DH of the night,the pace is fast and furious up front I can just about keep up followig russ,gaz,beaker and tom some nice dropoffs but then the moos finally f**k us up with an off camber dropin that's about 50ft from where I'm looking,only one goon successfully rides the whole section,well done andy roberts,there was a few moos who sh*tout as well.
Down to the pub beers and food(best chips in machen)what an excellent evening.

Thanks to all the moos for coming out and making it such a special occasion,the banter is still as fresh as the first ride out. Who is the machen strangler I thought it might be cockett or scippsy. But a good informer reckons its binsy.

In the words of a sh*t magazine Just get out and ride(to the nearest pub for you lot) thanks for having us think I've said enough

Goon king

John morgan xxx

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