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Captain's Corner - Unga Bunga!

17th February 2010

This weeks ride was taken at short notice by "Schlong" due to Chrissies reluctance to show his face if he thinks "best friend" is going to be riding. You cannot hide forever Chrissie! Dickwad will be the "Best Man" at the expense of Chrissies "Best friend".

On to the ride, eighteen Moos turned up for the start of the ride and a mucky night with Tom meeting us close to the end of the ride, he was delayed as he had not finished varnishing his wifes toe nails and completing his computer course homework! Who says love is dead.

Onwards and upwards through the woods into the fields to the top of Tamplins lane, across the lane into the fields to a downhill with a unknown Bog for most Moos, the hoped for carnage in the bog did not happen as most Moos were going so slow due to the very slippery downhill.

Lane work through Rudry and grumbling from several Moos that we rode straight past the "Monty" (Feather and his lover "Owain of Ginger Gaydom"). Up onto Rudry common and down through the "Beech Trees", several Moos struggled in the slippery conditions and decided to have a "Lie down".

More lane work to the Ridgeway, decided to cut the ride short due to the mucky conditions and straight down the Ridgeway with many Moos assuming we were calling at the Maen, which I decided to lead the herd in, (I would be pregnant every week if I was a girl). Watered, it was a wet and cold ride back to HQ for a pastie and a few pints and general tomfoolery, another successful ride and night with the "regular" riders.

A good ride marred only by the incessant grumblings of the Moos,

who is Knotty?

who is Kev the Plane?

who is Wrighty?

who are the Slug Sisters?

who is OBE?

who is Daphne?

and who is Enzo?

Will anyone recognise them if they ever show up? probably not, the hairlines would have receded, the waistlines increased and Osteoporosis taking its toll on their overloaded joints and spine they will all be considerably shorter and bent over peering through eyes afflicted with Cataracts they can just about focus on the ground they used to occasionally ride their "Vee braked" bikes on.

That will do for this week.


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