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Captain Pealy!

17th November 2010

Ride Leader – Debutant, Lewis Bignall

Weather – Moist

Ground conditions – Sopping

Turnout – 23

Notable absences – Option (35%), Watkins C (15%), Watkins R (17%), Enzo (11%), % relates to the Wednesday rides year to date – bloody shocking performances, I trust you agree.

Early talk was of a new Garlic Run, Lewis and his school buddies have been skiving school this week to ensure the trail is ready for the Moos. I can’t condone such behaviour, but I can compliment you on your commitment to the cause.

Off into the Forestry we went, just like last week the young buck speeding off like the proverbial rate!

Straight on to the top of the main climb, where we rested, waiting for Sodden Mike to appear on his new 600 Psi ‘pogo stick’ mountain bike. Boing Boing Boing he arrived at the top, quicker than he had ever rode before. Happy Hopping Mike.

Onward to the quarry run where the slippery conditions resulted in a fun packed slide all the way into the Quarry basin. Thankfully no casualties to report, but I am sure there were a few sit downs along the way.

The climb back out appears harder every week, and then it was up to the top of the main track, to commence the descent towards Garlic……………………………

No – not Garlic 1 – thank god.

No – not Garlic 2 – thank you lord

Yes – it was the new Garlic 3 – Thanks Lewis !!!!!

The making of an excellent trail, no doubt, but let’s let it bed in and attack it again in the dry, EH!

That said it was great to collect a Breeze Block size clod of mud up against my front mud guard, sufficient enough to actually stop my front wheel rotating. Then again I may just have been a tad slow.

Through the falling chip bark, and it was time for a refresher in the Hollybush. These young ride leaders are leading us astray, gents.

Ochrwyth to come – Wrighty wanted to refuse and head back to HQ – no mutineers supporting you this week Johnny.

Even Scripsy was so guilty after dumping Captain and Julian the virgin ride leader last week, that once again Cap’ns household had yet another mid-week phone call of apology. He even made sure he walked to the mast so as to avoid further Merit punishment, bloody CREEP.

The descent was top fun on such a slippery night, not even Fabien whatsisname would have stayed in the saddle on such a night.

The riding ability is so strong at present that there were no casualties or crashes to hear of back at HQ. OH ! well there was Ken Newbury trying to Karate Chop down a conifer with his right shoulder, I think the conifer won !!

And then at HQ the fun started ………….

Lewis achieved his ten ride drink and photo, the questions from Scripsy proved a little difficult, but then he could just have been scared (or Scarred !!), with Scripsy getting to close.

And here are some captions to remind you of the topics of conversation we had over the remaining pints on the night.

Church House + Anthony = Mutiny

Church House + Anthony = Mutiny


Mexican Beauty + Gordon = Happy Sock


Then there was…..

Farmer John + Crockett = Sore Arse !

Overall yet another memorable Miggly Moo Fun packed night.

Sports Night 5 – The Finale is next week

Legion to be open from 6.00, where the first event of the evening will commence, and this will finish at the latest 7.00, when you will then need to make your way to the Maenllwyd – route to be advised, tokens will need to be collected on route so as to avoid cheaters, penalties will be awarded if no token collected and also penalties if not at the next pub by the time alloted – further details on times to follow.

Second event at the Maenllwyd
Route to the Holybush – to be decided – tokens as per above comments

Third event at the Bush
Fourth event from the Bush
Fifth event back at the Legion
Then Awards
Then Cap’ns Gameshow

Should be another fun packed night, day off Thursday me thinks !!! Those planning on driving, please leave room for a pint back at the Legion (you have been warned)

Keep Moo’n

Cap’n Peal

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