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Geoffs Gossip

19th May 2010


29 Riders – Injured Moos returning - Great weather!

Last weeks climbing catastrophe still fresh in the mind it was time for some old school tactics.

Points Considered




1. Very hot weather
Shaded climbs & beer.
Short ride & beer.
3. Keep local Public Houses happy
Beer garden & beer.


With all points considered it didn’t take much working on. With no notable absentees we were off.

Climb No. 1
Past Tudors and up to the bench. Hardly any waiting it was:-

Mini Down No. 1
A left towards Garlic and a quick right down to the fallen tree, using the extended option to climb back up to Carling.

Down No. 2
CARLING. Immaculate conditions saw most riders completing. A few refusals at the drop-off but all in all a good effort. There were a few exceptions:- SCRIPPSY; KNOTTY; SIMON CLATCHY decided they like gravel and tarmac better.

Climb No. 2
The original quarry run all the way to the top, out on to the lane and over to Garlic. Nice Ant and our sun bathing champion obviously couldn’t deal with the extra 100 yards deciding they too like gravel the best.

Down No. 3
Old Garlic. You won’t ride this nasty little run in any better conditions. Full speed with only a couple of lie downs for the less experienced.

Refreshment No. 1
The Hollybush next on the list via the conifer tree run. A swift pint consumed led to the last climb of the night.

Climb No. 3
Ruperra Castle Sun House. A surprise choice but one of my favourites. A 15 minute wait for Billy Evans due to an uphill puncture meant the nice romantic evening being had by a loved up couple was put on hold. 26 burping, farting and spitting Moos kind of put paid to that.

Down No. 4
Back down the front towards the lane went most of the herd with only a ½ dozen getting lost. Another flat-out downhill with tongues flapping against the ears brought miles of smiles to all who made it.

Refreshment No. 2, 3 & 4
Royal Oak, lovely beer and company and realisation that the ride really was over. At this point Scrippsy decided he didn’t need any air in his tyres to ride on tarmac!

Refreshment No. 5, 6, 7 & 8
HQ. Vegie pasties gratefully received. Daf’s birthday drink. A three-way debate on this weeks ride leader. Reg winning by promising more of the same. Pubs, not much riding and pubs. Good on ya fella!!

It’s an honour.

Geoff Davies O.B.E

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