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Jimmy Mac's

14th April 2010

short sharpe and sweet was the idea for wednesday's ride, 28 riders was a good turn out for the sunny weather that we have been having of late, so off it was up past new row to see who could spit the biggest greenie on crokkett's new ford fiesta 1.1 popular plus.

up past broke back on the single track to the new but unfinished garlic 2 where o.b.e was showing off doing a flying "w" over the handlebars  on the awkward jump. the feedback was positive on the new garlic 2 trail but personally there should be more challenging obsticles on the trail,see what we can do in the next couple of weeks.

everybody got down safe apart from nottwit who decided to lay down because he was tired and wanted to go to sleep,and in the process hurt his shoulder AGAIN!!!! yawn yawn yawn.so the it was onwards and upwards up the ooker to the mast,good choice of downhill from the trig point including the carpet and the new bit which runs on to the quarry,from there it was down the pallet run to the garages where we met up with some moos whos sat nav had frozen for a bit.

the first watering hole was going to to be the maen, but gaz was complaining he was tired, he must be taking the same sleeping pills as nottwit, so on to the royal oak it was much to the delight of the quiz teams who cringe everytime we turn up,we did explain after the noise complaint that if they chucked owgy out the place would be quiet.

from there it was on to hq for some more beer and pizza everybody in safe and sound apart from nottwit and simon[newcomer of the year if you keep it up son] for some strange reason went over the maen,you are going to have to get that sat nav fixed boys.

so it's miggly miggly from me see ya on the shreddy narlys.

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