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Cap'n Peal - Bam Bam

21st July 2010

The lowest numbers for ages

A big black shadow cast over the Legion on Wednesday, no it wasn’t Berni riding down Fwrrwm road, it was the doom and gloom that hit The Machen Miggly Moos, as only 16 riders turned up for the nights ride.

There were plenty of notable absentees, but those who attended where –

Cap’n, Ant, Owgie, Berni, Russ L, Budgie, Kev, Nigel, Jock, Crock, Dai, OBE, Andy, Rog, Rog P, Julian

Cap’n took control and announced it would be a social ride tonight, no big climbs, no gnarly downhill, and a few quick pub stops. The news was greeted with a mass of 15 smiling faces. It resembled the joy one used to see on Gordon’s face when he took control of the annual Duggies away trip.

It was off up the main forestry track, with an instruction to those speedy climbers to stop at the junction, an immediate cut back through the singletrack taking us down through the little brook and onward UP Ade’s new downhill trail. Quite a pull it was, with the odd little bump to get up and over.

On to the forestry track and right around the woods, lead us on to another right turn back up more singletrack eventually heading up to the top of the woods. The pace was very slow as Cap’n was at the head, well the rest of you were anyway.

Confusion set in, OBE stating shall we pick up Ade’s trail now? No, we are not on Ade’s trail, that’s way over there. Where are we then? Said OBE, Crock, etc – c’mon guys you are local lads, get a grip.

Keeping to the right we swerved through the tree section taking us on to the top of the quarry run. Down the quarry run to the road and onward up to Rudry Common. Twas at this point the Dark Clouds loomed over head again, just as Berni came trundling up the lane behind captain, asking where were we heading as he had to be home by 7.45. Rudry Common way I advised and then promptly stopped at The Maenllwyd for some early refreshments and to avoid the tears soon to fall from Berni’s black cloud.

Berni then left the herd and the skies immediately cleared. Up towards the ridgeway, taking the right at the end and heading back towards Rudry Common. Cap’n had an acrobatic recovery, much to the delight of Ant, who must have used his magical mischievous pants to put that bloody log in my way.

Keeping left of the common we headed down The Beech Trees. Jock had a smashed rear mech, that will teach to go blasting passed people off the main track! A big push home was on the cards, from the furthest point out it must be noted.

Back on to the van road lane, and up to the common where we took the right hand side and headed for the rocky drop on to Rudry Lane, Dai Eye, must have just been Dai for a second as he took his Eye off the craggy rocks and decided to hurtle himself into the brambles.

Some leisurely lane work ahead as we headed for pint 2 in the Church House. A nice small social gathering was set up, but the social dynamite Nigel decided it was time for him to head off, so we were down to 13 riders.

It was up through the tips as we headed to The Wall, not ridden for a while, and the undergrowth was a bit thick, but we got through and it was noted that young Julian must have a fear of paving slabs as he decided it was time to take a walk across them.

On to the cycle track, and this is when Cap’n opened up to some suggestions to finish off the ride, and he stupidly listened to Russ L, yes I listened!!!!

Into the Graig Y Rhacca junior school grounds, through Russ’s garden, passing the veggie patch, where there where 3 scarecrows, one of them moved – I have never been so scared in all my life (Mrs Ludlow you know who you are). We were then taken to the most daunting steps section in the history of The Miggly Moos, well there were some steps, oh and a guide rail for those less able, oh and they were not steep, all safely down – surprise surprise.

The ride then took us up round GYR estate, looking for a section through the Ferns, that appeared blocked, but we later found out that Russ, OBE and ANT got through to the bicycle path, whereas the other 10 riders got stuck in the ferns, and had to jungle run their way back out, via thorns, bracken, thistles, syringes, condoms and stingies.

I hate stingies cried Crockett, look I’m hurting, Dai you fool you made me get all tingly, blah, blah, blah – shut up, you wimp!

A quick 3rd at The forge, where we seen the resident table dancer take a nose dive into the concrete road. Hope the lad was ok?

Back at HQ, Andy Griffiths presented himself with his birthday drink as there were just too many riders there to have a full presentation. We were now down to only 9, as Ant and Dai stayed at the forge and Jock had re-appeared for the beer.

Rog Farquar taking the ride next week, so there are bound to be even less numbers, unless of course he brings the servants.

Keep Mooing

Cap’n Peal

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