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Cap'n Pealy's Ride Reports

23th June 2010

Such a Beautiful Day

The thong came in my direction this week, and I still get the feeling the Moo’s anticipate a ride to Deri or Mountain Ash when I lead a ride. Though they were in for a surprise tonight, acknowledging the trails were going to be as dry as the Sahara desert I needed to gain some ‘Moo respect.’ Following an awesome weekend which capt /vice presented the Moos with a 4Xsporting event which was absolutely superb, very well planned out and a lot of trail building done on Turner’s land, and not just selfishly about the Moos as it was a family day out also. Can‘t wait for our summer trip………..

23 Moos started although the agonising climb up the gruelling Velvet path proved quite a challenge almost causing a heart attack to little MIKE, and caused a good few mechanicals as the Moo’s ‘jack hammered’ their cranks, as Wrighty’s crank to literally snapped!

Onwards up towards the Mast and down towards the bomb hole, from there we continued down the Kuala tree and on to the fire road. Then dropping down one of our new descents now known as ‘The Goons Drop’ as the Cwmcarn Paragons didn’t tackle the drop off the week before. Then a push back up the bus stop descent and again more mechanicals to fix. The Moos pushed up again to the start of the front trail D/H and a fast and furious

Pace flowed down the trails as they hadn’t been watered lately.

We all gathered at the garages and from there went over towards the woods and straight up to the quarry run. Some going straight to the bottom and others wisely opting to go half way down the quarry run and over towards the Maen, a quick pint in the Maen where some Moos decided to stay but the rest of us headed up towards Ade’s trail which was as fast as a turbo charged rampant rabbit going in the dry. Then homeward bound to the Tits & Ass (TA) for some alecate pizza and sauté potatoes. Next weeks menu is a ploughman’s lunch with a selection of Scholong’s favourite cheeses.

Generally a good turn out, fantastic weather, and awesome trails making it one of the best rides of the year I think so far. Kev the plane’s ride next week.

Tala Guys………

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