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Caps Corner - normally stands in it wearing a hat with the letter 'D'!

24th March 2010

An Orrible night with Orrible Ant

An orrible night led to our lowest turn out for a while of just 16 riders, nice to see a few old faces back in the crowd with a return for Enzo and Johnny Wright.

After another no show by intended ride lead Option, OLD reliable Ant Ryan stepped in to lead us on another ride.

We skirted the bottom of Turners only to take a left onto the the cycle path, through the old pit, and up to a route that we haven't taken in a good while up the aptly named cow sh*t lane which lived up to its reputation, even mr Top 5 to the top Crock pushed up on one section, he thought he'd got away with it but was spotted by Beaker. As we pushed off from the top we found a bit of a flaw in our tail end charlie system, our tail end Johnsy had caught my snapping chain disease and had dropped out the back, obviously putting far too much power through those pedals Mr Johns well that's my excuse anyway.

With a bit of a wait at the top and Enzo starting to get nervous with the mist coming down the chat got around to the colorful diversity of world religions but quickly degraded to the usual moo level of one liners from the life of Brian, unfortunately we didn't have our resident expert - Jesus but to be fair he's probably got a lot on with all the crucifixion, rebirth business going on next week.

I'm not too good at the best of times knowing where we are, where we're going and names of trails so all I now is that we went across a bit, down a rocky bit through a few fields, then back to a particularly boggy up bit, no idea where we went but lots of mud, thigh busting bogs and very little grip.
Back off the mountain down the wall through the Bedwas estates for a very popular refreshment stop at the church house,

Back down the cycle path, a few people commented on the blistering pace of OBE who seemed to be in particularly good form and is certainly brushing off his award night persona or was he just trying to get back for first dibs at the grub?

Back to the rave at the TA, that place is getting louder every week and this week we had the added bonus of Bez from the happy Mondays dancing around the place.

So after a few more drinks the usual chip sarnies, etc, we had a few birthdays to celebrate our usual ride night barmaid Emma’s 18th birthday and Reg who is a bit older than 18, so our show us how thirsty spot was a drink off between Emma, her sister Asha and Reg representing the moos, cracking effort from Reg but Asha would have put most moos to shame, did anyone time that?

Good efforts all round under such poor conditions, I think its the elder statesman - Scrippsy's ride next week so hopefully a better turn out as I'm sure he's got something special lined up especially for biffins bridge fans.

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