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Captain Pealys Corner

25th August 2010

My Owain popped in on Thursday morning and asked if I could write him a ride report for the boys of the Miggly Moos. Here goes –

The ride – Owain bravely accepted his challenge to lead the ride in the most terrible of conditions, certain that given his wonderful personality that the numbers would be high, he had though as a back up ensured that all his Super Cider Sunday mates were in attendance, just in case the others thought, ah #*%~ him !

He set off up the woods passing his lovely house and his wonderful Ford Focus, owned with no credit in place especially no credit from me anyway, I would never help him out financially.

Singletrack climbing got the boys to the forestry loop track, then a descent back down, took them back to the main track, where they gathered at the top of the forestry. Onwards down to Garlic he took them, losing Gaz on the way as he turned off at Carling Tree. You passed Garlic and headed down to the rocky descent, which took you down to RhydyGwern Lane and then on to the Hollybush, for a brief pint stop.

Owain he advises me he bought you all a drink to show his appreciation for attending his ride – he is such a generous lad, i’m so proud he has so many friends.
He then lead you to the quarry and up to the main track, listening to the main pack and taking a different route to the one he had planned, once again showing his willingness to please his mates, what a lovely boy.

Heading back to the Maenllwyd, his favourite Inn. He once again listened to the masses and kept the ride going in what light was remaining and headed up ridgeway and then onto Rudry Common. The Clockwise route, Owain did advise me he told you all you would go Anti-clockwise, he apologises for his error and hopes that no one was put out – again showing his thoughtful nature.

Down through the ferns he took you all, and this was an enjoyable part of the ride he told me. “Dad” he said, “you should have seen the fun they were all having, it was all down to me, Dad”. Onto the Monty for the second stop, and Owain then states he wanted to ensure the utmost safety and advised that it would be the road back to The Forge.

At this point the Howells boys and Ruprick, returned from their splinter ride, and soon disappeared again. You had already lost Mr Ryan and Mr Knott, by all account they are too old to be out in that weather.

A quick pint in the Forge and then back to HQ, for the usual banter, food and debrief.

Owain advises that his girlfriends were there to see him, and he had a wonderful evening of intellectual conversation, some easy listening music and more demands on him to choose his future partner.

Owain would like to thank the Captain for choosing him to lead the ride and he welcomes more of his mates from the Miggly Moos to attend the first official Miggly Moo Super Cider Sunday ride where he commits to buying the first pint for all in attendance.

Before I sign out can I just share with you my early memories of Owain, cheers, Frank

My Son by Frank Crockett

When Owain was a little boy,
Not more than five or six,
Right constantly did he annoy
His mother with his tricks.
Yet not a picayune cared I
For what he did or said,
Unless, as happened frequently,
The rascal wet the bed.

Closely he cuddled up to me,
And put his hand in mine,
Till all at once I seemed to be
Afloat in seas of brine.
Sabean odors clogged the air
And filled my soul with dread,
Yet I could only grin and bear
When Owain wet the bed.

'Tis many times that rascal has
Soaked all the bedclothes through,
Whereat I'd feebly light the gas
And wonder what to do.

Yet there he lay so peaceful-like,
God bless his ginger head!
I quite forgave the little tyke
For wetting of the bed.

Ah, me! Those happy days have flown,
My Owain lives near to,
with his little Willy of his own
Still does what it used to do.
And I, ah! all that's left for me
Are dreams of pleasures fled,
My life's is what it used to be
Now Owain still wets the bed

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