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The new Captain addresses the troops!

27th January 2010

Ride Leader Tom

Well gents 27 riders on the night. Welcome to Sam or is it Samson – did you see the size of him? I thought for one moment Geoff Davies had been stretched!!!

Gordon was greeted with the Birthday Thong, did he take it home to play with?

A good old faithful route was chosen by Tom, taking in The Woods, Carling Tree, Hollybush, Ochrwyth, The Mast and The Front Trail. It was good to be out on fairly firm ground and no weather system falling from the sky.

A few refusals on the Carling Drop, we know who we are? one determined rider who was not satisfied with his attempt, had another go, and then there was Wayne.

Not really your month is it Wayne?

Gordon proudly displayed his new pants in The Hollybush and did you see the look on the bar lady’s face – I think she liked you Gord?

Talk of yet another early night from Mr Option, he stuck it out though, probably for the entertainment – was it worth it? probably not!

Mr Hart made an early exit in view of injury, adding more insult to his poor month of riding.

Captain assisted some of our new riders down from the Mast, and compliments go to Digger Barnes who took on the drops and descents like a seasoned Pro. Dode didn’t do to bad either, just next time you need to be sitting on your bike!

Sam had some trouble as some of the overhead branches had not been cleared by Ade. You need a ladder in future Ade.

All back at the TA on time and some welcomed curried pie and chips were consumed.

Happy birthday greetings were given to Gordon, Russ and supposed to be Knotty – that’s Two weeks running now he has missed out, tut, tut, tut.

Awards were announced, and whilst there are some 100%ers the award went to Dickie for his extra commitment throughout the month, Truck Driving, Ski Run organising and Free night club entry and drinks to name a few. Cheers Dickie.

Harty picked up TW@T of the month, he even had a thought it would be coming his way – surprise surprise.

Captain’s Gameshow Challenge was then revealed. A little light entertainment was put on, which didn’t quite go according to plan. It was envisaged that the quality of dartsmanship would not be that bad.

Sorry Dickie, rider of the month didn’t deserve, a pint of Guiness, half of lager, half of beer, a whiskey, a Malibu, a Bacardi and another Pint of Guiness oh and half of Lemonade!!!!!!

Perhaps next month I will be a little kinder ---------- NOT !

Beaker’s ride next week

Next month we will start sharing the ride reports, so those that would like to offer their literary skills, please advise.

Rider’s wives booked, 50 confirmed to date, taking the cost down to probably £10 per head. Deposits will be required, probably £5 per head, and there will be no messing about please, those who have committed will be expected to pay. This event is not cheap. Look out for emails confirming payment dates etc.

That’s all for now,

Keep Mooing

Cap’n Peal

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