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Captains Pealys Corner

28th April 2010

Captains Report 28th April & Away Day 24th

Where Do I start?

Saturday 24th April – Captains Away Day (sponsored by Dr Bungle)

15 Moos set off for the day, leaving Machen at 10.30, the riders –

Captain, Daf, Jim, Ant, Ant2, Scripsy, Jesus, Julian, Griff, Tom, Chris Watkins, Gonzo, Berni, Enzo & WAIT FOR IT ……………………………….Option. (as promised Moo Merit point for all)

Options Story – The Introduction

One Saturday morning Rob James decided to rekindle his mountain bike career and attend the Captains Away Day, hosted by Daf. A hard day out riding with the boys and a few beers later on, was just the carrot to tempt him back in the saddle. He arrived at the bus stop……………………………………with a puncture!!!!!!

The ride took us up over Ocrhwyth and down to Rogerstone – a slight stutter occurred when a few riders went astray, but Daf calmly rounded them up and on we went, road work took us onto a long climb up, some lanes and onto the common land leading to Twmbarlwm.

Options Story – The Ride

Trailing well behind for most of the climbs and road work, Robert did manage to give those large calf muscles a work out when he walked up most of the lane. Up the rocky ascent he managed to stick near the back and arrived at the top looking rather knackered…………………………………….at least he was having a go!!!!!!

On top of Twmbarlwm we travelled around the side of the mountain and did the horseshoe loop bringing us back to the top of Abercarn woods, where Daf lead us onto a wicked descent that lasted all of …..Mmmmm……..5 seconds!!!!!!

Daf then lead us to the descent he was looking for and onward we peddled very keen to actually do some downhill riding.

Options Story – The Embarrassment

With the thought of a downhill it was time to shut us all up and show that even though he had struggled all day he still had the downhill skill to beat us all. Off he went like the proverbial rat, leading the way down the rocky descent. A slowing up of the herd ensued as it then became clear that our Rob had crashed and burned, hitting the dirt and wrecking his forearm and knee and ego…………….all because of another puncture………………………..Fitness is still required on downhill.

It was on the final descent into Risca, that once again the herd was forced to stop and wait for someone with another puncture, it was ……………………………………Option !!!!!!!!!!

To Be Continued……….

A 4-pint stop and some lunch at the Darran,


Options Story – The Interlude

Arriving at the Darran…………..last, our Rob advised that he had to stop for another puncture on the canal path.

The hospitality very much appreciated and it was off back to HQ for some topping up. Wrighty decided it was better to wait in the toilet and pretend we all left without him, and while on route back over Machen Mountain he phoned captain and said he was heading up Ochrwyth lane. More likely that he had arranged to be picked up and given a lift home.

Back at HQ it was pint after pint after pint, resulting in Cap’n, Wrighty and Jesus staying till the end. Jesus losing his keys (naughty Cap’n) and seat-post (naughty Ant) and Wrighty losing his balance (naughty bike!)

All in all what an excellent day, looking forward to the next one when Ant Ryan is taking us West out of the village towards Taffs Well for another 25 miler and probably the same amount of beer !!!!!!


Sports Night 2 – 28th April

Options Story –The Request

Brrrrrring, Brrrrring goes my phone, Hi Peal, Option here, just want to let you know that I will be struggling to make the sports night 2 as my knee is still very, very bad after Saturday. Sorry Option there is just no dropping out as the teams are set and numbers are tight – cant afford any withdrawals. Oh Ok but I am struggling so just wanted to warn you………………………………………Ah Love him!!!!!!.

Well gents what a turn out for the second instalment of the Sports Night Challenge. 30 riders and some supporting Moos made sure the event was a success which everyone enjoyed………..well almost everyone.

All on time and off to Lower Machen for the first event – the Ocrhwyth Climb – only need to mention Andy Griff and his blow out, both tyre and lungs as he appeared seconds before the delayed start, totally knackered, no time to waste they were off. 7 Mins 7 secs later Beaker was at the top, not even out of breath, followed by Jesus and Schlong.

Second event – Perrets Race. Cap’ns fist view of the riders was towards the bottom section when Harty was storming the race, Jock behind but never likely to catch him unless he….CRASHED……..OUCH!!

A big off and a busted knee left him hobbling over the line in a remarkable 6th place, even though he totally balls’d up on what should have been a 10 pointer for his team.

It then became clear that only 9 had finished the race and news came through that Wrighty had an even worse smash towards the middle section, video evidence shows a wicked tail flip and triple axle somersault ensued, leaving our resident Evil Kinevil requiring hospital treatment for what has to be said was a mangled Knee resembling the fake picture that Gaz had some years previous posted on the website as his injury. Wrighty hope you recover soon. Jock was 1st Owgie 2nd and Option 3rd.

Behind time it was over to the woods for the Forestry track Climb, won by Gaz in 5mins 26 secs, Schlong and Griff followed.

The Carling Tree downhill resulted in no injuries and Beaker winning in 3mins 33secs, followed by Chris (17secs behind) and Jim (6secs behind) – great effort by all.

Out of the quarry, won by Gaz in 5mins 59 secs, followed by Crock and OBE.

The final race resulted in very close finish for second place, where Jim had won fairly comfortably and Owgie and Chrissie battled it out for second, with Owgie just keeping his lead over the line, by less than ½ a wheel.

Race 7 – would it be a decider? Beaker stormed it with Enzo and Jim next.

Back at HQ it was Food, Beer, Results, Awards, Birthdays and Captains Gameshow Challenge.



Gentlemen as is becoming a common theme, Captain can’t add up properly on a Wednesday and there has been a change in the lower order results. Key changes were that Harty did actually beat both the Russell’s over the line to finish 6th. Sam’s points for Race 7 were incorrectly attributed to Team 5, when in fact he was racing for Team 4

1st Team 3 Watkins, Crock, Jock, Enzo, Tony 2, Tom 101 Points
2nd Team 2 Gonzo, Berni, Daf, Beaker, OBE, Reg 85 Points
3rd Team 4 Harty, Jim, Sam, Russ L, Griff, Roger 72 Points
4th Team 1 Kev, Marty, Schlong, Julian, Feather, Option 64 Points
5th Team 5 Scrippsy, Gaz, Jesus, Simon, Bag o Leaves, Owgie 63 Points

Full breakdown of results have been posted separately. Points have been allocated to the overall individual running competition, as follows – All riders in team 3 get 15 points, Team 2 – 12 pts, Team 4 – 9 pts, Team 1 – 6 pts and Team 5 – 3 pts.

Results for the individual running competition have been posted on the website - click here


Rider of the month – Daf

Options Story – The Welcome Back

Now that he finally attended a ride, it was time to catch up on an overdue reward. Option was to have had TW#T of the month in March, for not attending once, not taking his ride, openly admitting to Cap’n that his season was ……………officially over!!!!!!

Tw#t of the month – Option

Also had Rider of the Night – OBE and Tw#t of the night – Harty.

Birthdays – Overdue drinks for Ant 2, Kev and Chris – there is no getting away lads.

Captains Gameshow Challenge – With a glitch in the sound studio this week, Vice Captain Johnsy serenaded us with his rendition of the opening theme tune to Play Your Cards Right – he! he! he! – cant wait until we do Big Break and he has to sing Snooker Loopy!!!!

The contestants – Option v Daf & OBE v Crockett

Options Story – The Gameshow Revival

With a final chance to redeem himself after a week from hell, he took up the challenge and ……………………………..LOST!!!!!

The winner - Crockett


What a few days in the life of the Miggly Moos – 25 to 30 mile cross country ride, 7 races in one evening covering all Mountain Bike skills and of course LOADS OF BEER, oh and of course loads of abuse, that leads me to………………….

Options Story – The Conclusion

Just where will his season go from here, after a promising start he has been well and truly overtaken in the Merits by OBE, Overshadowed by OBE following his performance in the Second Sports Night and it is increasingly likely that he will not recover from his injuries for at least another few weeks.

Having had his last ride on the 24th Feb (Sports Night 1), I look forward to seeing you again for the 4x in June.

Thanks again for your support

Keep Mooing

Cap’n Peal

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