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Feathers findings

29th September 2010

Half way there and all the way back

Another dry Wednesday evening and another fine turnout of Moos, all kitted out in their drinking boots, pockets full of beer money, expecting a gentle ride through the woods to the Monty. So there were a few suprised faces as we set off up Turners lane, not least Simon, who had brought the heaviest bike he could find to train his lungs for Spain. Once assembled at the cattle grid and talk of an early mutiny qwashed, we set off down the rocky trail throught the woods, onto the middle of Two mile climb.

With no mechanicals and all the Moos still rubber side down, we set off back up the firebreak road to the top of the downhill track that leads to the old railway line in the Sirhowy valley. Lighs on, we set off into the gloom. With the first part causing no problems, the steep rooty jumpey part made up for it, the rain from the previous few days had made it a little slippery in places and watching the lights pointing in all directions, it seemed the boys were really enjoying themselves on this highly technical trail.

Once everyone was safely down, it was off to the Halfway Inn for a well deserved pint. A few comments made about the high quality of the barmaids and it was back out into the night for the climb up the Wylie. The choice of decent was decided, when nasty Ant said "The last time i went down cow shit ally, I landed on my head and nearly died!"

So cow shit ally it was! With the smell of over heated brakes and cowshit lingering in the carpark, a swift pint in the Church was enjoyed and then off to the Forge, well nearly, as this was the point when the lure of chips and pasties was too much for some and it was everyman for himself. By the time i got to HQ, all the chips were gone and the banter flowing freely. The thong was returned to Capt and with my leading duties over it was time for a couple more beers and the long wobble home.

Hope you all enjoyed it,


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