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Captain Pealy!

29th December 2010

The Final Ride Report for 2010

Where has the year gone?

Do I still have a marriage? JUST

Do the kids actually know me? JUST ABOUT

After riding nearly all year am I now super fit? NOPE

Has it been an honour? YOU BET

It only seems like yesterday when Johnsy and I was voted in as Vice and Cap’n for 2010 and we hope we have served the Moos well during 2010.

There is no way we would have done half of what we achieved if it wasn’t for teamwork. As we have said all year, the Cap’n is only as good as his Vice.
Memorable Moments

The Winter trip was a great success, with Dickie stealing the show in parading us around his known establishments of Carmarthen as if we were VIP’s and Johnsy organising probably the best accommodation The Moos will ever stay at, especially with the Egyptian Linen at the cottages. Just where did Dickie go after January?

The Sports Nights events started with the most horrendous weather you could imagine, but there was over 30 Moos in attendance, proving there is NO pressure in ensuring the masses remained entertained all year.

The Cap’ns Gameshow Challenges nearly didn’t happen, but after Dickies Bullseye Drink Off, there was no going back, and they were here to stay. Culminating in the ‘Weakest Link’ extravaganza, on Sports Night 5. Rob Newbury you are the weakest link! Goodbye!

The Four Cross event fortunately survived the UK weather, and with all the effort put in by The Moos who assisted, made the event a superb day out for all the Moos and their families. Special thanks to Tom for his tractor skills and control of the farm animals. Thanks to Johnsy and his swollen NADS for building the track whilst working through the pain barrier. Extra thanks to the Turner family, their support during the weeks running up to the event and during it, was exceptional.

The Summer Trip to Church Stretton proved a little too much riding for some! Overall I cant forget the comment made by Mr Ryan, that ‘If there was a competition for the best drinking and mountain biking club in the World, Then there would not be a team that would beat The Machen Miggly Moos!’ Here, Here! And then there was Cat Food, Chillies and Caterpillar!!!

Sports Night 5 – The Finale, successfully won by OUR MARK, and it was apt that he made the comment on the night, to our new rider, ‘come back next week when we are going to have a proper drink’ – sums it all up really. Congratulations to Jim for his overall success, just look after that new trophy.

Rob ‘Stephen Spielberg’ James – how can I forget being under the control of our esteemed Director Mr James. No Panic as he had 3 weeks to sort out the whole Miggly Moo end of Year Film, which I trust you agree was once again a roaring success, even though I bet that like me you can’t remember half of it. We will get him to publish his work during 2011, we will!!!

I didn’t get to Thank Marty on the awards night, but a massive thanks to him this year in keeping up with all the reports, merits and special requests for all things that are website related, top job Marty, just get back riding.

Thanks to Mr Ryan for controlling the finances once again, don’t think he has ever been so popular on awards night when he turns up with the wad of cash for everyone. Sorry he is as popular when he leads a mutiny!!!

Thanks to all those who drove their vans and cars on away trips, you know who you are.
The Awards Night

A massive thanks to Juliet and the team for putting up with us all year, and for being so accommodating with the food and service on the Awards night. The whole night ran slightly later than planned but you would not have realised it given their excellent support.

Key moments being –
Johnsy sleeping by 10.00, Wrighty face planting the carpet and once again busting his knee in the process, proving that he doesn’t need a bike to win CRASH of the year next year, Newbury’s face and dropped pint at the shock of hearing he had been unanimously voted in as VICE for 2011 and the roar of approval when announced that Daf was to be our Captain for 2011.
The final lasting memory for me was the complete relaxation I felt after the whole awards and video had been shown, and seeing Daf and Newbury immediately getting into their roles, discussing their immediate thoughts, seeking suggestions and the over powering look of panic in their faces thinking ‘what has just happened to us’, how will we cope.

Funny that I recall those being the exact thoughts and discussions that Johnsy and I had, 12 months previous, and now it is all over.

Believe you me boys, you have nothing to prove, 2011 is a blank canvas and no matter what plans you will come up with you will receive the full backing, albeit with some banter, of The Machen Miggly Moos, as after all without the fantastic support and honesty of the boys the Club will not be what it is today!!!

To Daf and Rob enjoy your roles it will be over in a flash, good luck!

To Johnsy, thanks for your support and thanks to Sharon for being supportive.
To The Machen Miggly Moos, it has been an honour and a privilege, and here’s to 2011 when I may actually get some riding in (and there I was catching the Bus from the Ruperra on Sunday !!!)

Yours Finally

Keep Mooin

Cap’n Peal


Daf's Nearly Captains Corner

Daf's Premature Report!

The Captain’s Farewell Ride which didn’t happen with our Captains of 2010, unfortunately the Captain of 2010 and Vice were “Bad” so the un-appointed 2011 Captains took the initiative and rode out.

Who graced our presence in support of the new captain and vice was the 100% merit holder of 2010 Griff, Mr Schlongtastic, Jock, Crock, Russ Ludlow, Budgie, & Dai the eye.

We rode at with an agenda of doing least miles as possible due to slippery conditions, and a few pub stops. So up through the forestry and down the quarry run, which was difficult to see due to the thickness of the fog reflecting of our lights. We then made our way over to the Holly Bush for a quick warm up, and to embrace a pint of ale. I had intentions of climbing up to the Mast although this intention was short lived with the reality of the thick fog and snowy and icy conditions. So decision made, down Ade’s trail, do broke back and head up to the Forge & Hammer. Whilst up the Forge I sensed a ‘funny’ smell, almost like POT- pourri which makes me chuckle when I walk through the corridor?????

Then back to HQ for some delinquencies of chips and bread, yumm yumm. Generally a short but sweet ride, and with all good intentions of being a turkey burner ride actually ended up being an extra turkey to lose ride.

Embrace the beer and keep on Mooing

Captain Daf

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