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Kev's Kak - Sorry Kev, not much begins with a K!!

30th June 2010

Another hot, dry Wednesday evening saw 27 moos gather outside the Legion. With the ground being so dry I thought it would be a good time to sample the Sirhowy side of the valley as it isn’t very often that this side is completely dried out.

When I said which direction we were heading I couldn’t believe my ears as normally there’s a few whingers when Turners Lane is mentioned, it was only then I realised that Knotty wasn’t riding and Tom probably didn’t hear me (too busy talking).

Anyway up Turners Lane we went and with it being my ride I felt I had to resist the challenge of being first to the top and like a good Shepherd, I held back and ensured everyone got up safely. In doing so, I had to witness the shenanigans of a certain rider who continued to make a nuisance of himself from the school all the way up to the cattle grid. I won’t mention any names but at his age he should know better, then again at his age he should be in a nursing home.

Also worth a mention here is the mechanical ability of a certain rider. Having just put a new rear derailleur on his red 2010 Lapierre he crunched his gears all the way to the top. As I said, no names mentioned.

From the top or Turners, it was into the forestry and onto a neat little downhill section which took us onto the fire road. All moos rode this safely and then it was back up two mile climb and onto a new trail which most moos hadn’t rode before and after giving a warning of the steepness and severity of this downhill section most riders chose to ignore me and sped off to give it a go.

Surprisingly, all moos made it down in one piece. Russ Evans was last to reach the bottom. He came down with a smile on his face. I didn’t know if he liked the course or whether it was the fact he rode halfway without a saddle. You decide.

Onward and upwards and with time and daylight on our side the tips were included into the ride. Most moos made it safely and Russ Ludlow decided he would make a new route down the tip. Gaining speed as he hit stone after stone we all expected a fall but stay on he did until he decided to do his victory wave and then he was off. Last but not least to come down was Wrighty. Bets were being laid and as the concerned crowd waited in anticipation Wrighty then proceeded to put in a perfectly controlled descent. Well done Wrighty.

Up to the mast and a short wait for Simon who managed to get lost around the back of the tips where the herd of sheep were grazing , then it was the smooth flowing see-saw run down to the T.A where Sausage and Chips (Proper Grub) was served up and enjoyed by all.

All The Best


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