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Harty's Heartfelts

31st March 2010


This weeks ride was originally to be taken by our honourable Mr. Scripps Esq. True to form, he was found wan*ing. So it was with great honour that Stevie Calon stepped in to don the thong with a pong and lead the ride. With very little time on ones hands due to long hours working, I was also bestowed the great honour of putting pen to paper to address the herd.


Met at the Legion where 18 riders amassed. Notable absentees - Captain et al. Weather fine and conditions damp. Onto the ride. Bit of an up ????(1), regroup, more up ????(2), regroup, bit of down ????(3), wait at Johnsy’s trig point ????(4). More down ????(5), long wait after guest rider uses the face brake – OBE to the rescue. Pick up new rider. Up and more up ????(6), regroup. Little bit of down ????(7), wait for new rider and regroup. Bit of an up ????(8) and down some steps – many refusals (tossers). Up and up and up ????(9), long wait for new rider. Down and down and down with some sliding ????(10), even longer wait for new rider who decides to take the route by foot. Up and up ????(11) to a watering hole ????(12) for a few real ales. Back to HQ for some more liquid refreshments.

Chapter 1 – The ride

Dare I discuss it at great depth. I think not. Answer to the blanks:

1. Past Whittingham’s house and across FC destruction to gravel path.

2. Gravel path to corner.

3. & 4. Woods to top of quarry run.

5. Quarry run.

6. Up the quarry.

7. Picnic area.

8. Towards ridgeway.

9. Top of Lisvane woods.

10. Through Lisvane woods.

11. Back up the steps.

12. Maenllwyd.

Chapter 2 – HQ

The usual spread was greeted with delight and devoured by the hungry herd. Awards were presented by Vice to OBE for rider of the month and twat went to the default of Crock. Both deserved and both were beaten with ease by Asha in show us how thirsty you are. There was no game show this month as our leader was away catching some rays in the sunny climes of North Wales. However, don’t be dissapointed, OBE and crock will partake in the event next Wednesday. Don’t miss it as it is also Scrippsy’s ride – that’s if he can be bothered to turn up (give us back the watch). There was also a drink for the new rider, Simon.

Chapter 3 – The morning after

Yet again, another thick head (OBE’s influence again) and the missus had to drive to work (again).


There isn’t one.

Honoured and better late than never.

Stevie Calon

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