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Bernaards Bleatings

1st June 2011

Well, what can I say, it’s been a while and during my absence a lot seems to of happened! Our captain has been overthrown and the vice almost toppled; the last time the world witnessed such events was the Philippino People Power Revolution that lead to the toppling of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. The Moos Imelda Marcos equivalent and new leader is the incumbent vice captain; Ken Wongs love child; tiptoes or whatever you affectionately know him by. Lets home he can continue the good work started by Ex-captain Daf, now in exile. It’s also nice to see the Moo’s continuing to embrace minority cultures; we now have a Frenchman riding!

Anyway, the official reason for my absence has been new baby and work commitments. The unofficial moo reason for my absence is the onset of the cotton season and ‘that white fluffy stuff ain’t going to pick itself!’

I was hoping Wednesdays ride would be a gentle affair with limited effort and maximum enjoyment, knowing it was Jonny Wrights ride I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed!? But unfortunately, Jonny Wright was unable to start his ride because he was putting the finishing touches to the 12th edition of the Haynes – know your bike manual (pedal section).

With the ride leaders pants in my possession and the assembled masses rearing to go 19 riders headed up into the forestry. It wasn’t long before we ran into a few mechanical problems. It was at this point the heat started to get to some of the more established Moo faithful, mutterings of a rehydration stop began. To keep everybody happy we blitzed through some single track and lined up Mossy for a quick, technical descent to the Bush.

At the Bush we were surprisingly joined by Jonny Wright and the Ex, ex Captain Pealy. After completing his latest bike maintenance manual Jonny decided that it was time for a well earned pint. Unfortunately for him he hadn’t paid enough attention to chapter 4, “When fitting new pedals ensure that you clearly identify left and right pedals by way of L and R”. The consequence of his actions resulted in pedal failure and at the Bush of all places.

After the pedal debacle and light refreshments the ride continued, the next stage was going to be a short sharp climb up Ochrwyth. Just as we were about to leave Option (with disappointed tone and sad face) announced that he would be unable to make the climb as he had to ‘relieve the baby sitter’. Strangely enough, the vice captain said that he would have to assist Option with this task? We continued without the club stalwarts and headed for the Mojo single-track. The near perfect conditions resulted in some knarly riding; even Gordon was getting in on the action! After the excitement of the Mojo trails we endured a bit more climbing to reach the mast. Once again the herd was treated to dry, fast descents culminating in our arrival back at HQ.

In the length of time that has passed since my last ride HQ has come under new management. But I am pleased to say we were still treated to a hearty spread of sausage, chips, bread and butter (a few more chips wouldn’t go a miss). On my arrival at HQ I was surprised to see Option and the vice captain, I now realise what ‘relieving the babysitter’ really means! Jonny Wright also put in another guest appearance complete with left and right pedals in hand.

Ciao for now.

Until the next time!

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