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Griffs Grumbles

6th April 2011

My big dilemma this week was the route for tonight, we’ve had some long hard rides this year, and a couple of cracking technical rides over the last two weeks from our ex-cap & vice, Johnsy covered all the good stuff in the Famous 5 last week so how could I follow that – the easy answer of course would be a pub ride and we are well overdue for one, but at the risk of the wrath of Jimmy Mac I thought I’d cover a few miles first, nothing too tricky with a few pubs thrown in.

25 riders gathered at the legion, nice to see Sam back again sporting a summer haircut and a shave, Tom brought his brother in law along and Scrippsy brought his French colleague along.

So with everyone expecting a mainly uphill evening with Turners to start I headed off back into the woods for the second week and straight up to the boulders, first up was the quarry run and a quick road climb to meet up with Farquar, past the Maenllwyd who are taking the timely opportunity of a quiet Moo year to build a nice new extension ready for the klunker and our Xmas buffet have they pencilled us in Rob ??? and onwards up towards the Ridgeway. As we enjoyed the spectacle on drop of death last week, I thought I’d give everyone another chance to shine, a few people last week commented on the switchback route to the left so I took that route this week with our hardcore downhillers Jock & Russ Evans ( sadly no Rog Parnell ) giving us a downhill masterclass and took the drop again.

At this point I was hoping to head up the Ridgeway to the Travellers Rest but after riding it on Sunday I decided that was a bit far to go so we took the path down to the old Griffin, traversed the left of Rudry common to drop into the Beech trees, we lost Harty on the common through a dodgy gear hanger but I’m sure if he knew what lay ahead he would have battled on.

With everyone expecting another climb back up to the common I took a new route to get back to some old familiar pubs so with a collective 24 sighs of relief I took a right back to Van Road and onto the short climb up past Van Mansion, we seemed to lose Farquar somewhere around here – not sure if he is eyeing the place up – its on the market for a mere £950000, pocket money to you Rog but not quite in the Machen clique catchment area, then onto a nice little run through the fields back to Rudry road needless to say after a couple of local young lads gathered at the side of the track Scrippsy assumed his rear position arriving at the farm way behind everyone else giggling like a fool with a big grin on his chops, next up was our first pub stop at the Fishermans, we haven’t been in here for ages and after a few comments on the good beer a quick pint stop led to a second.

While at the Fishermans someone decided that Scrippsy had been enjoying far too relaxed a night in the absence of our chief meddler Ant Ryan, so as he went to ride off he found that someone had ty-wrapped up his brake levers – be warned, you may want to add a sharp knife or cutters into your tool kit for the next few weeks.

With a few pints on board it was time for a gentle stroll down the riverside path through the back of Trethomas to the chequered flag, a quick blast down the road and into the Forge where Lewis got lucky

Back to the TA for pasty and chips and a few more drinks, can’t remember seeing Lewis – did he sneak back up the forge or did he leave early for a shower?

Superb effort from everyone the pace was high with very few stops we somehow covered 12 miles and were still in a pub by 8:15, no mutinies – Job Done

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