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Welcome the new Captaincy

5th January 2011

The Fitman Ride

Arrived early at the Leg-iron eager to don the ceremonial Moo undercrackers. Many Moo's soon arrived, way to many to count and after much deliberation I decided to lead the herd up Turners lane.

Having built up a thirst thinking of cycling up Turners I decided to turn off and replenish the herd at the Forge and Hammer (and there was much rejoicing). After a swift pint it was through the village and up into the forestry.

It was good to see brother Reg struggling at the arse end of the herd and using man flu as his excuse for lady cycling. Next I managed to poorly lead the herd along the Quarry run, Budgie informed me that I would need to increase my speed to gain stability over the many rooty obstacles, cheers Budge last time I tried a trick like that I had a lovely ride home in St Johns finest.

Then towards the Maenllwyd where the herd met up with Captain Carless who was happily topping up his Christmas Strongbow level, headed over towards Lisvane, turning right into the forest for a quick loop ending back at the Maenllwyd for a well-earned pint.

All to soon it was back into the forestry for an almost uneventful trundle back down into Machen, unfortunately Shimano don't manufacture a chain that can contain the force generated by Fitman's manly thighs, so I watched the herd pass me by as I decided what to do with my mangled drivetrain. Thankfully not 10 minutes later Reg arrived and bless me if he did'nt push me all the way back into Machen (our parents were wrong I knew he'd come in handy at some point).

Thankfully the Moo's are dainty eaters so the food was hardly touched by the time I arrived at HQ, Hurrah.

Happy Christmas and a bloody great New Year to all Moo's and potential Moo's.

Fitman out

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