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Welcome the new Captaincy

9th February 2011

Knotty's ride

All the Herd gathered at the legion for Knotty's pre-arranged convoy trip to Cwmcarn, around 20 cars were surrounding the Legion all of which reminded me of the Gumball 3000 with all honeys around us like flies around shit!!!


When we eventually got over to Cwmcarn, and eventually found eachother, as some of the herd some had decided to go straight up towards the trail's car park, and others parked down on the road. It was a long old piece of road to walk up until I was united with my new steed. There were 29 eager riders cold and eager to get moving. After 10 minutes in to the ride we had our 1st mechanical, who was but our X Capt Pealy who had snapped his chain, too much power.

We all eventually gathered again at is the beginning of the forest drive, we however were avoiding the technical ascent up the single track and were contemplating the fire road up. Although the mutineers amongst the herd were spreading their negative attitudes stating “let's f###ing get to the pub for a pint, this has been a diabolical disaster.” The temptation to mutineer was difficult although we refused the temptation and rode onwards and upwards.

The ride went on through tight technical steep single track, on to the free ride section and onto more XC stuff!! Until we all got to the section which splits between either going on to D/H or XC D/H. Here we waited for the herd to gather, although the mutineers were there again spreading their negative behaviours. I noted that around 8 of the herd mutineered down the D/H section and the rest of us went down the XC. When we all gathered at the bottom we wasted no more time and cruised back over to Machen for some al'e carte' 'grub' at the Tits and Ass.

Captain Daff