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Gaz's Odes - Like Superman with less hair

9th November 2011

What a ride!!!

How popular I have become these days not only do I get the privilege of leading my second Miggly Moos ride of the year but I had a turn out of just over 100 Moos past and present plus a few guests….more of that later.

The weather all week had been stunning and the trails were in perfect groomed condition (thanks mainly to Scrippsy) so I was looking forward to an epic. As usual, and much to the approval of all those present, we all set off up Turners. The pace was hot and being lead by Captain Carless closely followed by one the guest riders calling himself Lance.

The pack of 100 riders all arrived at the summit in under the magic 15 minutes with no casualties and plenty of back slapping going on. After a quick recovery and some open minded discussion about religion, morals and abstinence chaired by Reverend Crockett we all set off for some downhill’s with a new sense of direction and meaning in our lives.

The downhill’s were lead out by Roger ‘The whip’ Purnell throwing down his usual casual and stylish moves followed closely by the veteran downhill northern muppet ‘Peaty’ and the other guests from Specialized and Commencal. Again the riding was close and we didn’t lose anyone in the clear moonlit night.

The ride back from Ynys Hywell side of the mountain included the famous ‘concrete path’ a favourite with the Moos and where we witness an impromptu Hill Climb Champs. All of our money was on Pantini, who was on a high, but nobody could believe the turn of speed and power delivered by Big Mike Davies and a thrashing was duly delivered. Mike had been hydrating well recently and was convinced that it was the main reason for his success.

The final decent down from the Trig to the pub was a casual affair as everyone was being polite and no-one want to be first to the bottom…..special award has to go to Gaz for his pleasant and courteous manner to all the other riders and allowing everyone to go before him.

The remainder of the evening was spent in the TA where the beer was free and the Michelin style food was served by topless waitresses.

Life’s good.


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