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Gaz's Odes - Like Superman with less hair

16th November 2011

Despite the clandestine efforts of the Rice Captain to steal the prestigious pants and postpone my ride (good grassing Beaker!) fearing that it could be another ‘tough’ one, twenty mountain bikers gathered for a mountain bike ride at the Legion.

As has been traditional over the last three years, my ride was kept company by persistent rainfall. Ground conditions were expected to be at best swamplike as the hardy throng transited the village and made haste towards the first climb of the evening – the well trodden Col d’Ochrwyth. Johnsy was a victim of the brisk start but with his formidable current fitness soon caught the back end of the field.

The first half of the chosen decent was attempted in zero visibility and with only 3-4 refusals on Jim’s drop, the majority of the Moos can take a bow; particularly those still running anything other than full winter boots. The second half of the decent took us down the under-utilised ‘bus stops’ trail bringing us out onto everyone’s favourite nemesis - the quarry drop. Again, a big ‘hats off’ to those taking on the whole route and to Taffy on his maiden Wednesday Moo ride. Great to see a mix of smiles, screams and ‘I’m not f**king doing that!’ quotes.

A quick 200 yard ascent to the little drop-in and downward towards the hop over the railway which some twat has been ‘sticking’ in recent weeks. At this point we lost Ricey due to arm ache (think he knew where we were off next!) and, more interestingly, Lewis who was seen chatting to some Japanese maritime anglers about his technique in luring a big catch.

Anyway, it was onward and upwards, via fire track and quarry trail, towards the Moo institution and bastion of days gone by – The Maenllwyd Inn. Whilst there, it was interesting to read some newly mounted signage at the bar:

A couple of well deserved pints and a good laugh at Crock chatting to a rough old bird and off we were back towards HQ. The twist in the tale saw five legends of Mooism completing a wet and dark ‘Brokeback’ with aplomb. I guess that Crock let you now that he was indeed one of these. Back to the TA for the usual hospitality and merriment and double good to see the ex Capt out for pint with the boys.

Good ride and effort from all the lads considering the conditions overall – Gentlemen, a pleasure as always.


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