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Geoff's Gossip

17th August 2011


Usually drinking boots required but not tonight. After last weeks debacle (enjoyable as it was) a normal ride for the ‘fitties’ had to be planned.

A prompt exit at 6:45 led the 24 Moos (nobody of any importance missing) up to the Maenllwyd woods’ bench via Tudor Gardens. Leading the herd at a blistering pace we reached the top for our usual 5 minute breather before going off-piste. With the left and right single track to the top of Carling seats were lowered in anticipation. No Carling tonight though, it was Garlic that would quench our first downhill thirst. Some worried looks on the newer members' faces but no refusals in these good conditions. After a lot of dabbing and a few lie downs, all reached the bottom safely – well nearly, either Chris Watkins or Phil Howells had ridden through a wasps nest for the following Moos to ride through. Slightly angered at losing their home they took revenge on the Moos. After a lot of screaming and yelping the stings were counted and verified. The most stings were aimed at myself with 7 closely followed by Ade and Harty. The award for most determined wasp goes to the one which managed to squeeze its way into Bread Arms’ pants. This caused him to leap off his bike mid-ride. Determined indeed considering big Dave’s arse leaves little room for anything else in there!

Next Ochrwyth and a stop at the foot of the mast. When being told we were riding around the side, the bleating began mainly from Pealy - “IT’S MUDDY, IT’S OVERGROWN, IT’S UNRIDABLE!” All went around the mast apart from the chunky crew who pushed up the front to keep the continuity of the ride going (so they said).

A fast and flowing old faithful followed by NASTY, saw most of us at the Forge for a well earned Newcastle Brown. The exception to this was Big Chris who followed Bread Arms all the way to his house before being told “I’ll see you next week, the boys are up the Forge”.

Once again HQ had put on a meagre offering so only the first half dozen were fed. Crocket was later heard boasting of how many faggots he’d chewed on (I don’t think it was a reference to the food!).

Nice to be back – see you next week for Tomas Le Frog’s farewell ride.

Geoff Davies O.B.E

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