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Griffs Grumbles

18th May 2011

Jocks Ride

29 riders were gathered outside the Leg-Iron on Wed-nes-day evening to embrace a bit of a drinky ride, until the Scrips and the Newbs gathered everybody inside to make a rather important announcement that unfortunately Daf has quit the captains role. So after that we thought we'd have a little drinky poo!!!.

The we headed up into the woods ... and after 3 minutes we had lost about 25 riders [you need to take those blinkers off boy's]. After meeting up just past the Garlic it was on down to Daf's trail. It was a bit overgrown but just about rideable. There were a few bleeters going up the gravel path but to their delight it was only half way up, swift left then up to the Carling tree. This is where Russ Ludlow thought he was Sam Hill but he looked more like Tony Hawk with his new skater hat on. With everyone down safely except Roger the spoon who had a nasty scratch on the side of his face - how did you manage that Rog with a full face helmet on ?? only Roger knows!!

Then up the quarry where the trail meets the quarry run halfway. All the way down the end of the Carling AGAIN!!! A quick wiff and then up the lane to the Maen woods where we proceeded to the drop OF DEATH!!! I think that hat of Russ Ludlows has done wonders for his downhilling, as he was trying to overtake everybody on the drop of death!!! Anyway bored of writing this now , as i'd rather ride a ride than write a ride!

See you next week Newbs ride and back to the t.a. for 8.30 for beer and food

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