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Welcome the new Captaincy

23rd February 2011

Ex Captain’s Ride Report

Forgive me Fellow Moos, it’s been 3-months since my last confession.

A great deal has happened since my captaincy and it has to be said the New Year brings a fresh approach to Miggly Mooing and what a positive effect this has had with an average of 27 riders each Wednesday, where the lowest has been 21 and the maximum 34.

This weeks ride would have seen the numbers top 40, if the following had turned up – Chris, Dickie, Berni, Jim, Owgie, Lewis, Julian, Knotty and Schlong. Lets be honest they are seasoned Moo’s – were they missed? Absolutely NOT.

31 took to their steeds and set off on what was planned to be a short, sharp, up and down kind of ride trying to take in many of the downhill tracks given the excellent weather recently.

The truth is that it very much turned in to the Miggly Moo Magic Show.

6.10 p.m. a phone call from Chris Watkins, “Hiya I am running late, where you heading I will catch you up” Yeah right, first trick of the night, sussing out the ride and then obviously deciding he wasn’t fit enough to make it. Pathetic!

6.45 p.m. Ex-Captain riding without any lights and then as if by magic, the route took him passed his house and miraculously he was fully kitted up with lights. Apologies for those of you who thought an aperitif was on the cards, they weren’t.

Perrotts field was they biggest climb of the night, where the conditions made this actually rideable for once, well most of it.

Onward through the kissing gates to take on the See-Saw, across the mansion to the bottom of Velvet.
This is where the Magic show really took off.

With the light fading and Option having a mechanical, him and his helpers – Griff and Russ Evans magically appeared in front of the tail end charlies, me and Nigel. How did they do that?

Climbing up velvet, we cut up Ace’s Steps and across the daffodil bank – Beaker at this point marvelled in the blooming flowers, pity he wasn’t concentrating on his blooming riding. Your supposed to pull flowers out from your sleeve – not stick them up it for the wife.

Down across the Chute to Cwm Fedw, trails running superbly well.

It was now that the first disappearing act of the night had occurred – without anyone knowing – now that’s Magic!

Seven riders disappeared all at the same time, and Jock showed them all a vanishing trick with his mobile phone. All seven disappeared in different directions and then as if by magic, the mobile appeared, flashing out of the hedgerow right in front of Bread Arms. Magic, bloody Magic. Time 8.00 p.m. direction they went – The Forge! Jock, Russ Evans, Feather, Bread Arms, Wrighty, JJ and Strawberry (I think)

JJ headed to the Legion and decided to drink with Simon and Big Mike – good idea, NOT!
Another disappearance occurred at this point, when Tom realised that he had to go to work and magically vanished into thin air.

It was also noted that our Vice Cap had vanished, rumours have it that he didn’t like the tricks that Roger Purnell was doing on the climbs, one minute he was on his bike, the next he was off, causing Vice to stutter his way through the trails. These magical skills of Rog soon got the better of Vice and he disappeared before he got his saw out and cut Roger in half. Vice also went to the Forge via the Legion.

The Hypnotist act then came on and managed to convince leader to change his plans – with the thoughts of more climbing back up bus stops, the wave of doubt came over me and a change of plan occurred, without me even knowing.
Over to the forestry it was and up to the main tack and heading right around the woods to where Ade’s track crosses it. Down the lower part of Ade’s run and back up our regular climb to the main junction. We then headed up towards the single track climb to Garlic Lane.
Just riding garlic in these conditions was magical enough and I am sure there were no fatalities, which was amazing in itself. Even I managed to stay on the bike all the way down and I can honestly say, I like it, not a lot!

Enough riding and it was time for some refreshments at the Hollybush. A 2-pint stop and a quick dash back along Rhyd-y-Gwern Lane to the Legion.

A fantastic Curry greeted us and more ale to consume – MAGIC!

Our guest magician then took centre stage, and Johnny Wright did the vanishing £1 coin trick, I must be honest I have never seen that one before. Bloody Magic Johnny, I’m sure Sue will be impressed with that one! The best trick is when it re-appears!!!!!!!!!!

I am told he went to hospital and asked the Dr too find it for him – and no that is not Dr Robert Newbury.

The final trick of the night was how I managed to drink so much bloody beer on only £20, and that was after the first round in the Hollybush (costing £12.50) and then lending someone money and paying for the footie card. Work that out!

Once again another memorable night, and I haven’t even mentioned our one and only Scripsy getting all hot under the collar, listening to the sexual exploits of one of our younger members, I am sure at one point he even got his wand out.

And finally, I must recall the magical appearance of the pile of sick in the gent’s toilet!!!! Some naughty Moo didn’t even have the decency to clean it up and let’s be honest there were plenty of candidates given the state most of us were in by the end of the night.

All that’s left to say is another magical Miggly Moo night, it’s what we do that makes it.
Ride – Drink – Ride – Drink – Drink – Drink – JUST LIKE THAT!


Ex-Cap’n Peal

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