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Geoff's Gossip

24th August 2011


For my last ride before I go back to the most beautiful country in the world, I have the honour to wear the pants even if I know that I won't be allowed to lead anything. Arrival at the legion at 6.45. Nobody out, not even a bike. Cross the door just in case... And then the shock: I am in France: around 35 guys (have been too lazy to count...) dressed “as French”, “apéritif” on the table and Marseillaise on the i-pod. All the stereotypes are represented: the béret, the stripe T-shirt, the moustache and, of course, the garlic necklace. A first pint and then we decide to move to the next pub. While riding, a battle is initiated with the onions. It is definitively not going to be a usual ride tonight.

First stop at the Holy Bush. After 2 kilometres on the road, the guys were getting thirsty! The only thing that was missing in the French atmosphere was the cock (the animal), instead I got a cock (the reproductive organ) on a pair of glasses from Rob. This same cock will be used later by Dafydd to f**k the girl on TV but I prefer not to talk about his woeful behaviour. Another pint and we are back on our bikes. Daf heads to a first track. Will we finally do a bit of Mountain Biking ? Not really. We stop in the quarry for “pinard”-time: “Il est temps de faire péter le cubi. Vas-y Robert, envoie le gros rouge qui tâche !”. Once the two cubis of this lovely (Californian...) wine are empty, it's time for the last destination: Rudry. Great job from the tenants who decorated the pub “à la Française”, and from Russel who baked some great bread and croissants (the best I had in ages!). Special mention for the barmaid and her “soubrette” costume which enhanced fabulously her generous breast. I don't have to describe the rest of the night, we all know what happens in this kind of situations.

It's now time for me to say good-bye. Whether my next ride with you will be in France or in Wales, for sure this one wasn't the last one !

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